When it comes to skincare, we believe in the holy grail of gentle exfoliation coupled with maximum hydration. We’ve found that acids at a moderate concentration coupled with our special triple nutritional complex* are the best way to gently exfoliate your skin without causing irritation. This meticulously crafted pH-adjusting formula allows you to use skin-friendly acids every day without ever overdoing it so your skin is always in impeccable condition to absorb the nourishing ingredients in your daily skincare steps.

Dr. Yoon says, “using AHAs at a low percentage level can be an effective way to gently exfoliate and boost skin cell turnover while avoiding irritation and drying skin out.”

* tricholoma matsutake extract, hydrolyzed cider seed extract and rhododendron chrysanthum leaf extract

The Soffli Philosophy

Soffli products are made of clean and proven ingredients that made the SeoulofSkin Team and Dr. Yoon’s short list and contain 15 or less ingredients.  In our opinion, ~15 is the magic number that allows us to formulate highly effective products that pack a punch without confusing you when we present the full list. With Soffli, you can finally understand and feel good about everything you’re putting on your skin – and at “pretty” prices too! Learn more about Soffli’s “Simple, Smart & Pretty” philosophy here.