You know what one of our biggest pet peeves is when it comes to most “clean” skincare products? They have ingredients lists that go on forever and sound so complicated that even the greatest of skincare enthusiasts can’t get through them. This results in having to take the brand’s word on it or parsing through “dirty” lists to know what you’re not putting on your skin, rather than actually knowing what you are. Super confusing and frustrating!

Soffli fixes that problem. Our products are made of clean and proven ingredients that made the SeoulofSkin Team and Dr. Yoon’s short list and generally contain 15 or less ingredients.  In our opinion, 15 is the magic number that allows us to formulate highly effective products that pack a punch without confusing you when we present the full list. With Soffli, you can finally understand and feel good about everything you’re putting on your skin – and at “pretty” prices too! Learn more about Soffli’s “Simple, Smart & Pretty” philosophy here.