Meet our team, the skincare fanatics that work together to obsessively formulate Soffli products and bring you the best holistic skincare tips, but more importantly, bring their unique and diverse skincare perspectives, experiences, and expertise, all with different skin types too!  Each human member is sharing both a with makeup (left pic) and without makeup (right pic) version of ourselves so you can get to know our skin intimately.  

We also have a group of expert advisors that bring instant credibility and cutting-edge knowledge and wisdom.  

Team Members


Minji is a certified organic skincare formulator and considers skincare her constant passion and calling.  She has lived by obsessive skincare habits for decades with the motto, “no job is worth bad skin.” Minji was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and came to the U.S. to attend law school and get an MBA, and ended up staying.  Prior to SeoulofSkin, she has enjoyed many career paths, including being a TV news reporter, corporate lawyer, working at a video gaming company, a clothing company, then a social impact fund trying to make a positive difference…and the list goes on.  Minji is also a wife, mother to a 12-year old human daughter and doggy daughter (see below for Moo’s bio), board-certified life/executive coach, certified yoga instructor, law school adjunct professor, non-profit board member and real estate broker.  

Skin type: combination - dry with oily patches.

Favorite Soffli product & why: Step 2 – 16% Vitamin C Serum – “I love how this product is potent enough to give me visible results but also gentle and hydrating enough to be used daily on my combination skin.”


Susie has lived with acne and different versions of problematic skin all of her life.  At the young age of 41, she finally learned skincare doesn’t need to be a problem you keep throwing money at, rather it should be a quality routine to be adapted as part of one’s overall wellness.  With a “guinea pig” attitude towards skincare, Susie has tried everything under the sun and is excited to try out more practices, products and procedures and share tips with you.  Susie works full time as a VP in the fashion industry and is also a wife and mother of two kids ages 2 and 7, and a rescue pup.  Her work keeps her days busy and her kids keep her nights full so she is a firm believer that if she can practice good skincare, anyone can!  

Skin type: oily with acne.

Favorite Soffli product & why: Step 0 – Detox + Hydrate Facial Sheet Masks – “It's the easiest way to boost hydration and moisturization levels on my skin – this one is particularly luxurious in that it's infused with bamboo charcoal known for its detoxifying and purifying properties."


Lauren is a renowned yoga and meditation teacher and a certified health coach.  When it comes to skincare, she takes the same holistic approach she applies to yoga and believes skincare begins from the inside out and the outside in.  Not only is she cognizant of the impact of exercise, mindfulness and nutrition on the skin, but she also believes in values-based skincare consumption.  Lauren guides some of the world’s most well-known musicians, filmmakers, executives and Fortune 500 companies in both yoga and meditation and has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal.  She was also named a Yoga Journal Influencer, as one of the top 15 teachers to study with.  

Skin type: on the dry side. 

Favorite Soffli product & why: Step 2 – 16% Vitamin C Serum – "I love how with such a minimalist ingredients list, it includes two forms of Vitamin C at a 16% concentration along with other antioxidants and super star ingredients. It targets all of my skincare concerns at once."


Charity is a nature-enthusiast who loves to explore how the body interacts with the living world.  Passionate about doing good while doing business, her full-time gig lies at the cross section of impact investing and real estate.  She is certified in permaculture design, which applies regenerative principles to systems thinking and problem-solving.  Charity is most interested in applying this practice to how we engage with skincare, food, fashion and finance.  Her prior experience includes investment banking and non-profit work.  Charity and her husband made the move from Cleveland to Santa Monica in 2017.  Often you can spot her reading skincare and food ingredient labels, and adding to her homemade apothecary for whole body care.  

Skin type: normal to dry. 

Favorite Soffli product & why: Step 1 – Gentle AHA Toner – "I love how it combines two of the most well-researched AHAs at a moderate but potent concentration so that it leaves my pores feeling cleansed and refreshed but also is gentle enough to use daily, even on my dry skin without irritating."

Mindi (aka “Moo”)

Mindi "Moo" was adopted by Minji and her family in 2014.  We’re guessing she was around one year old at the time, but her fur-skin is still so damn good it’s hard to imagine she’s a day over one even today.  Mindi is the sweetest and cutest girl and does her best to motivate the team.  She will be on hand as a model to hopefully bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.  She is the most wonderful creature, like a teddy bear come to life.  Minji and family often wonder: who rescued who?  

Skin type: fluffy and soft like clouds. 

Favorite Soffli product & why: still waiting on team to prioritize fur-based skincare! 

Expert Advisors

Dr. Choon-Shik Yoon 

Dr. Yoon is a Board-Certified Dermatologist in Seoul, Korea who received his Medical Degree from Seoul National University, where he completed his Dermatology residency as well.  Dr. Yoon opened his private practice, Yemiwon Dermatologic Clinic, in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul (yes, people – this is where “Gangnam Style” was born and the heart of all K-beauty trends and innovation!), and has been servicing clients will all sorts of skin needs for the past 15 years.  His specialties include botox, fillers, lasers, stem-cell related procedures and many other medical skincare techniques.  He currently serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Department of Dermatology at Seoul National University Hospital and as General Secretary of the Korean Society for Anti-Aging Dermatology.  Dr. Yoon has participated in various studies and has authored numerous publications and articles on dermatology and skincare both in Korea and internationally. 

Dr. Amir Moradi 

Dr. Moradi specializes in facial, plastic, and reconstructive surgery in San Diego, CA, founding Moradi MD in 2000.  Double board-certified in facial plastic surgery and Otolaryngology, Dr. Moradi’s expertise includes facelifts (the famous “Moradi Facelift”), injectables, and laser technologies. Dr. Moradi graduated from the University of California, San Diego and went on to complete his medical degree from the same institution.  Dr. Moradi continued with surgical training at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Moradi is also a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and served on the Cooperative American Physicians Board of Directors and was the chairman of the Patient Safety Committee.  Dr. Moradi has been recognized and featured by multiple aesthetic and medical journals and has received a vast amount of research grants and funding for his studies and innovative work in the industry.