Founding Story

At the age of 41, I found myself utterly lost. A natural type-A over achiever, I had climbed the corporate ladder and was working as the general counsel for one of the biggest gaming companies. However, I didn’t recognize myself.

What had possessed me to dedicate all of my working hours to video games, something that I had zero interest in and didn’t align with any of my values? In a desperate attempt to find myself, I quit and jumped to a different job, then another…. but I still couldn’t connect with my highest self and core values of health, family and wisdom.

So one sunny beautiful Friday afternoon in 2018, I quit my last job.  The difference was, this time, I didn’t have anything lined up.  I was finally giving myself a full year of rest, a life sabbatical of sorts.  Through this year of rest and contemplation, I found that in order to “find myself,” I had been on a constant journey of “becoming more.”

TV news reporter, corporate lawyer, video gaming executive, finance professional, real estate broker, yoga/meditation instructor, cosmetics formulator, law school professor, executive life coach, non-profit board member, daughter, wife, mother…these were just a few of the titles I had attached myself to in a pursuit to “become” the true me.      

Only with nothing to do, I realized the answer to finding the real me was not in becoming anything more, but “unbecoming” all the things that I wasn’t.  It was a trigger point for me to dedicate myself to simplifying my entire life to get back to my core. 

I started with letting go of all titles and activities that no longer served me. This spiraled into letting go of beauty routines that didn’t spark joy, reading through food and skincare labels to see what was there that I didn’t need.

During this process, I found myself frustrated with the extensive ingredients lists I would see on most skincare products.  Even “clean” brands weren’t focused on trimming down their lists to only include what our skin needs.

With my roots in Seoul, the newly emerging beauty capital of the world, I was able to meet with various experts in the industry and after much research and learning, became convinced that it was time for the skincare industry to let go of the superfluous ingredients in our products today that aren’t really serving our skincare and overall health needs.    

Derived from the word “soulfully” and meant to be pronounced “softly,” Soffli was launched with the intent to provide effective skincare products packed with a simple list of clean ingredients. We engaged a renowned dermatologist as our expert advisor and worked with one of the top three labs in Seoul to obsessively formulate our skincare products which contain just 15 or less proven ingredients for healthier skin, your largest organ.

In addition, with the belief that healthy skin should be viewed as part of one’s overall wellness and that every being without exception should be entitled to basic health resources, we're committed to donating 100% of all Soffli profits to charities that work on supporting basic health needs for all, with a focus on underserved groups such as minorities, women, children, and animals. Read more about our pledge here.   

Through Soffli products and our articles on skincare tips and stories, I would love to help motivate and inspire you in your unique journey towards discovering the soulfulness in skincare and ever-glowing skin.  

                                                                                With gratitude, Minji 

A Word Of Caution

To state the obvious, everyone’s personal skin and health situation is truly unique and so as much as we'd like to, we can't speak for all.  So please don’t take our word for it and make sure you take the time to independently verify any information we might provide in our blog articles as being appropriate for your own personal needs.  One fundamental truth when it comes to skincare is that not one person is the same!