Immediately after Step 1 Toner (or directly after cleansing), take 1-2 pumps into hands and in upward gentle strokes or light pats, apply from neck to edges of the face.  

Move on to moisturizer, 1-2 minutes after so you give the serum enough time to absorb. Use this time for quick meditation to tell yourself how amazing you are!  

We’ve obsessively formulated it so that it should be gentle enough for daily use, but if you have sensitive skin or otherwise feel irritation, consider using 2-3 times/week just in the morning and build up from there. Always use sunscreen as part of your daytime skincare routine. 

We recommend you store in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight - a cosmetics fridge or wine fridge are great ideas to preserve maximum potency of Vitamin C!  

For more detailed information about this product, read this.