100% Profits to Charity Pledge

We started SOFFLI with a passion for clean & effective skincare...and a belief that healthy skin should be viewed as part of one’s overall wellness and health. Basic health is a fundamental human right but even with all our advances, many around the world still lack it. With this in mind, SOFFLI is committed to donating 100% of ALL PROFITS to charities that work on supporting basic health needs for all, with a focus on underserved groups such as minorities, women, children and animals.   

Of course, we’re just starting out and with the need to invest in perfecting our products and services, we know that profits will take some time. With your support, we’re hoping we’ll be able to donate a meaningful amount to some critical causes in the near future.  We can’t wait to get there, and rest assured, we’ll share all of the details with you. SHOP SOFFLI now and join the movement to revolutionize how skincare does business!

A Note from Our Founder

In addition to being obsessed with skincare, I’ve been on a journey to find meaningful ways to give back ever since my "mid-life unraveling".  I first thought that switching careers would do the trick and moved to a social impact fund working to provide underserved communities with access to high-quality medical care. This wasn’t fulfilling. Then I joined the board of a non-profit committed to helping children in foster care. Although it had its moments, this also didn’t make me feel like I was doing enough. These experiences, although not the solution I was seeking, did again show me how capital resources are key to any charitable effort.  If you don’t have money, you can’t build hospitals, you can’t train your volunteers and it’s impossible to give back in a meaningful way. So by committing to donate 100% of all of SOFFLI’s profits to charitable causes, I’m hoping we as a community can all take a step towards giving back in a meaningful way.  Thank you to all of our customers who are the heart of our business and make this possible!         

With gratitude, Minji