face scrubbing brush stained with tan foundation which can suffocate skin and go against K-beauty influenced holistic skincare tips next to beautiful green plants

I Gave Up Foundation Too!

Every morning I make a choice – am I going to do my hair or my makeup? With a full-time job, husband, two kids and a dog, it’s rare that I have tim...

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woman leaning against mirror in big white bathroom with baby on floor engaged in K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habits

Growing Up Glowing

Some of my clearest childhood memories are vivid recollections of my parents getting ready for work each morning.  My mother would sit at her humbl...

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Asian woman carefully washing her face by splashing and not rubbing water on her face as part of K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habits

The Art Of Face Washing

All of us know by now how important it is to wash our face.  What many of us neglect to think about is how to do it right.  Washing your face is on...

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Open cosmetics fridge with various skincare products stored within as part of K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habits

To Fridge Or Not To Fridge?

I had been wondering about this Korean trend of keeping your core skincare products in a cosmetics refrigerator for a while.  Like many other skinc...

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