Try The Sake Glass Face Massage!

By Minji

  • Did you know that sake glasses are the latest and greatest tool when it comes to facial massages?
  • It works like a gua sha but with subtle suction and cupping benefits
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This past winter for my Christmas present, my mom carefully laid out three small porcelain sake glasses.  My mom has beautiful skin, lives in Seoul and as you might know, was the first to introduce me to my beloved LED skincare device.  To say the least, she’s in the know when it comes to cutting-edge skincare so I found this gift a bit bizarre and disappointing.  I was hoping she would delight me with the latest and greatest skincare innovation treasures Seoul might have to offer today.

Wine is my drink of choice and I don’t even like sake, so this baffled me even more.  I slowly started to protest, reminding her that I rarely drink sake and these would be unnecessary.  She immediately picked up one tiny glass and started to rub it all over her face.  She explained the glasses weren’t to be used for drinking.  They were the newest hot facial massage tool her and her skincare savvy friends had been using in Seoul!

She lamented how she wished the circumference of the glasses were 3cm exactly (around 1.2 inches).  The ones she brought we closer to 4cm (around 1.5 inches).  According to the ladies in Seoul, 3cm is the perfect size for face massage, especially around the cheek bones and jaw line.  She told me the massage technique is essentially the same as a gua sha face massage, just with a different tool.  It’s supposed to have the same benefits of a gua sha face massage in that it will boost circulation and assist in the elimination of puffiness and toxins.  On top of that, it also has a mild cupping sensation on the skin.  This is supposed to be beneficial for skin as the suction effect can promote increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tension and even aid with the skin regeneration process.  My immediate reaction was laughter – it was funny to see her rub this tiny shot glass all around her face!  But then, I became curious. That night, after applying face oil, I picked up a sake glass instead of my darling gua sha as part of my nightly skincare ritual.

You know what, I really liked it!  It felt a lot like a gua sha massage but I could clearly feel the subtle suction effect which was gentle enough that it didn’t tug at my skin or cause wrinkles, but was distinctly felt and stimulating to my skin.  The round shape of the sake glass feels especially nice when I scrape my jawline and then from the back of my ears down to my collar bones – not sure why, but it seems to fit my skin perfectly and has a soothing massaging effect too. 

This reminded me of the facial cupping procedures I’ve been seeing around LA lately.  I haven’t tried them and don’t think I ever will as the videos I’ve seen, similar to the face workout, exhibit a therapist harshly moving suction cups around delicate areas of the skin resulting in harsh pulling, tugging and causing all sorts of unnecessary wrinkles.  Through my mom’s sake glasses, I’ve found an unorthodox yet perfect alternative to rough facial cupping that I can easily do from the comfort of home.

I highly recommend that you give it a try – check out my video above to see how it’s done.  It will only take you two-minutes, and similar to a gua sha massage, will guarantee you vibrant and supple skin.  Also a fun and simple way to spice up your daily skincare routine.  Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for free access to other exclusive skincare tips - be in the know and spark a glow!