Stuck In Traffic? Try Nexercising!

By Minji

  • As Nora Ephron famously said, we should all take better care of our necks
  • A daily habit of simple neck exercises ("nexercising") can help your neck look smoother and tauter
  • The perfect thing to do when stuck in traffic or watching TV!

I recently came across a beautiful photo of a stunning actress with her newly-wed rock star husband celebrating her 37th birthday…and I found myself fixated on her neck wrinkles.  I know this makes me sound like a hater, but I love this starlet and had no such ill will.  Her face looked flawless and stunning, but the prominent creases on her neck were screaming out for better care. 

It’s unfortunately true for most of us – even the most diligent women totally neglect the neck when it comes to skincare.  As Nora Ephron famously pointed out, the neck is one body part we need to take better care of.  It’s right there, under your beautiful face, so very noticeable.  Also, it’s one of the areas that is constantly strained and stressed.  Every time you look down at your cell phone, your neck gets scrunched up, wrinkled and strained.  It’s a body part that most of the time is uncovered and susceptible to sun damage too.  We need to all start taking better care of our neck skin! 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to incorporate some easy neck exercises into your daily routine.  Hopefully you know by now there’s nothing more effective than a daily routine.  Nexercising (neck+exercising) can truly help your neck area look so much smoother and tauter. 

This is how you to them: Whenever you are in a straight posture (so either standing up straight or sitting up), with your two hands gently laid on your chest, lift your chin toward the ceiling while moving your jaw forward.  It should feel like a gentle neck stretch countering all the scrunching you do during the day.  Take special care not to jam or crank your neck while you're doing this.  Even better if you can flutter your lips and stretch out the lip area too to loosen wrinkles.  If you’re not sure, just try it looking in a mirror.  This motion should loosen up any existing wrinkles, not exacerbate them.  

Hold for a count of three, then release.  Repeat this motion three times towards the front, then turn your neck to the left and do three reps, then to the right and again three reps.  Could this get any easier?  I love to nexercise when I’m mindlessly watching TV or stuck in traffic.  Simple daily routines like this can have the most profound long-term effects.  I’ve seen too many 70-year-old Korean grandmas with smooth beautiful necks who swear by this to not be a believer!

Remember, everyone is different, and your specific neck condition may require unique exercises that are different from the ones I've described here. In general, the point is to gently stretch your neck to smooth out wrinkles caused by the constant scrunching of the neck.  If these exercises cause you any pain, stop and talk to a doctor or physical therapist to find the right movements for you. 

In addition to stretching your neck out regularly, make sure in your daily living, you make an effort to correct positions where you’re giving your neck unwarranted wrinkles.  In addition to scrunching up your neck when you’re hovering over your cell phone or lap top, also think about the position of your neck when you’re reading a book or sitting in a meeting.  Good posture is valuable for our overall health and well-being, and can have the added effect of helping you maintain a beautiful neck too.