BLT (busy-lazy-tired) Mom Presents: Skincare Life Hacks

By Susie 

  • I'm a proud BLT (busy-lazy-tired) mom with all sorts of life hacks
  • Consider simplifying the hectic morning skincare steps and indulge in the more relaxed night time steps
  • Look for products that multi-task and sometimes just let go

We hear a lot about the term “self-care” these days and how it’s important for your well-being.  It can be hard for most people to take the time, let alone a busy, lazy and constantly tied mom like me.  When my babies were first born, self-care for me meant locking myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes of silence.  Any other BLT (busy-lazy-tired) moms out there that relate to this?

I’ve struggled with my skin issues for years.  I’ve tried everything with often very little results.  In my darkest moments, I even started to wonder what a 70-year-old grandma with acne might look like because that was bound to be me.  So once I found my multi-step routine that worked, I decided despite my BLT-ness, a daily skincare regimen was something I would prioritize. 

I’ve learned through direct experience that it’s easier to maintain healthy skin no matter how BLT you may be, than to fix problem skin no matter how much time you might have.  I am determined to keep my skincare routine consistent and have come up with some creative skincare life hacks I’d like to share with all the BLT moms out there.

Here’s what has worked for me: in the mornings, which are more hectic with getting myself and the kids ready for work and school, I keep it as simple as possible. I cleanse, then apply serum and moisturizer with SPF.  This usually doesn’t take longer than three minutes which I can spare even on the craziest of mornings. 

At night when the kids are asleep and no one needs me, I do my full-blown skincare routine.  I double cleanse, exfoliate, apply serum, then another serum, moisturizer and lastly my retinoid for acne. Often, I multi-task and do my double cleanse in the shower and then apply all my lotions and serums before bed.  I’m always on the lookout for good products that do more than one thing – if I have to multi-task, so should my products. There are great serums that moisturize too, toners that soften while also balancing my pH levels, and face washes that exfoliate while they cleanse. 

Quite honestly though, there are days when I’m so BLT, both physically and mentally.  On those days, I’ll just cleanse and then do one or two things from my routine and call it a day.  On those rare days I need to treat my mind more than my skin, I let go and give myself a break.

The key is to make skincare a daily no-brainer habit and set yourself up for success.  Set up consistent steps and practice, practice, practice.  Line up your products, have your cotton rounds handy, and do your steps religiously.  With these life hacks and meticulously laid out steps, a daily skincare routine has become a true habit for me, like getting my kids ready for school.  I can get through it all pretty quickly.  And it’s also great motivation to imagine my 70-year-old self with pimple free glowing skin thanking me for it!