Scalp Care As Part Of Skincare

By Minji

  • If scalp skin starts sagging, it'll impact face skin and hair too
  • Consider gua sha scalp massages, hair brushing and natural shampoos
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Even people who are diligent about skincare and hair care will often skip over scalp care. But why? Does it make any sense to skip over the entire area of you body that connects the two – the face skin to your hair? As I’ve mentioned as one of the reasons that I always end a shower with an ice-cold finish, the scalp and our face skin are all “one” skin. If our scalp skin starts sagging and drooping, it will inevitably impact our face skin and how our hair looks too.

As you age, naturally, just like your face skin and hair, your scalp will become thinner and start losing its elasticity. This, coupled with bad circulation (which can happen if you don’t regularly stimulate and take care of your scalp), can reduce the blood flow to your scalp and result in thinning hair, loss of hair and also saggy face skin. So it’s important that we start with a solid scalp care routine to keep scalp skin healthy and work our way down. We all could benefit from focusing on our scalp and giving it some tender-loving care. I’m not even talking about a full-blown daily regimen – more like 3-5 minutes a week. Surely, you have time for that?

One of the most effective ways to take care of your scalp is to give yourself a mini gua sha scalp massage once a week. You can read more about my love of the gua sha tool as it relates to face massages, but it’s also great for your scalp. In firm but gentle strokes, using the gua sha tool, scrape starting from your hairline to mid-scalp.  You can separate your entire scalp into 6-7 strips and stroke each area 3-5 times, similar to the gua sha face massage. Once you’ve finished with the top part of your head, move on to the bottom half – in the same way, starting from where you left off mid-scalp, scrape all the way down to the neck. 

This should stimulate blood and lymph circulation and help maintain a healthy scalp. In addition, it should feel amazing and help relax your mind and nervous system. I sometimes like to spray in a bit of scalp essence product before I do the gua sha scraping. Utilizing your finger tips to work the essence into the scalp and massaging it a bit can feel soothing too. It's much better if you have a gua sha that has one side shaped like a comb - just google it or search amazon for "gua sha comb" and you'll see what I'm talking about.  If you’re not a fan of the gua sha tool, consider utilizing a scalp massaging tool in the shower to boost circulation.

Another way to engage in proper scalp care is to make sure you’re using good shampoos. Shampoos and conditioners with more natural ingredients are going to benefit your hair and skin long term. Try to stay away from silicones and synthetics as much as you can.  Of course, always be careful to not overwash your hair.

If all of this sounds like too much, at the minimum, make sure you give your hair and scalp a good old brushing once a day.  Do this when your hair is dry (and not wet) to minimize hair breakage or damage. The bottom line is, although hidden and often forgotten, a healthy scalp is critical to glowing skin and hair so make sure you give it the care it deserves!