Pet Peeves In Skincare

By Minji

  • What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to skincare products in the market today?
  • We share some of ours such as inflated prices, never-ending ingredients lists, murky "clean" claims, etc.
  • Out of these pet peeves and with the intent to fix these frustrations, our exclusive brand Soffli was born!

When people ask me why SeoulofSkin decided to start our own skincare brand Soffli, my first response is because we couldn’t find a brand out there that checked all the boxes.  Mainly, we couldn’t find an existing brand that adequately addressed all of our pet peeves in skincare. 

We would often get requests to recommend specific products, but never felt 100% sure in any of our recommendations as no product addressed the below laundry list of skincare frustrations we had been harboring.  Check them out below and see which ones you relate to the most!

  • Brands listing a few “free from” ingredients and giving the false impression that they are clean

: The reason that brands can get away with this is because ingredients lists for skincare products are generally overwhelming with more than 30, 40 or even 50 ingredients listed for just one product (just to put it into perspective, even Doritos has less than 30 ingredients!).  

With complicated names and a list this extensive, most of us get overwhelmed and have to take the brands word for it that their ingredients are clean and good.  Soffli fixes this problem with a minimalist ingredients list of 15 or less – now you can know exactly what you’re putting on to your skin without having to take just our word for it! 

  • Brands giving the impression that their products are miracle cures, more akin to medicine than food

: This is clearly not the case! First of all, if skincare products were potent cures like medicine, they would be regulated much more strictly (as much as we can fault the FDA for not properly regulating skincare products, the logic here is that they are not medicine and can’t drastically change or “fix” your skin!).  

Second, your skin doesn’t need a miracle cure – your skin is your largest organ and knows what to do to keep you healthy and radiant.  All it needs, like the rest of your body, is some general nourishment and support.  In this way, skincare products should be viewed more like food rather than medicine.  

You probably eat vegetables regularly not because you expect it will cure issues but more to sustain your overall health, right?  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and search around for the newest and greatest miracle cure when it comes to skincare products. 

Competent experts will always tell you to stick to well-researched proven ingredients like retinol, Vitamin C, AHAs, peptides, and hyaluronic acid and incorporate them into your regular routine in a sustainable way.  

Soffli products are all formulated with this principle in mind – you won’t find any gimmicks or grandiose claims from us.  It’s also important to remember that when brands do try to reinvent the wheel with exotic sounding ingredients and formulas, the costs of those efforts will likely be passed on to you, the customer!       

  • Brands claiming a higher % of everything is better in skincare

: Of course, it’s true that sometimes a higher % of certain effective ingredients are desirable in skincare.  It becomes dangerous though when you believe this as a blanket statement.  

For example, no expert will tell you that potent ingredients such as retinol and AHAs are always better at a higher concentration.  For certain ingredients, higher percentages mean more irritation and side effects so what’s most important when fixing percentages in formulas is the intent and purpose behind the product.  

With Soffli products, we partnered with one of the top 3 labs in Seoul with the purpose of incorporating potent ingredients into our products at effective yet sustainable levels gentle enough for daily use.  This jives well with the general SeoulofSkin philosophy where we’re looking to cultivate healthy habits that will last us a lifetime instead of resorting to quick fixes or drastic measures.  

Remember, skincare is a marathon and not a sprint! We can promise you with a hand to our heart that cost reduction was the last thing we were thinking of when we fixed these percentages! 

  • Brands with only science and no soul and vice versa

: As much as I respect science and straight-forward communication, skincare is very much a holistic ritual too.  When I’m looking to buy products, I always check to see what the brand stands for, what their story is, who the people behind it are, etc.  In particular, I’m always looking for brands that understand that products are just a piece of the overall holistic skincare puzzle and incorporate other elements of skincare into their overall message and product formulation philosophy.

On the other hand, I also can’t stand brands with only soul and no science.  As much as 100% natural sounds good, it’s not necessarily the best solution for your skin and chemicals are not all bad and toxic.  When brands only focus on nature and soul and shun the proven scientific research clearly in front of us, they also lose my attention. 

When it comes to Soffli products, you can trust that we’re always trying to strike this balance.  That’s why we started with a content site first and will continue to provide you with content that covers not just details about our products, but all elements of skincare, from a soulful but also no-nonsense perspective. 

  • Crazy margins and inflated prices 

:Let’s be honest, no single serum or moisturizer should cost $82! The more research I did and the more I learned about the skincare industry, I realized how excessive margins were.  You’ll see inflated prices everywhere in skincare not because the ingredients cost that much, but because of over-the-top marketing and experts knowing that your “willingness-to-pay” is high! 

We started Soffli so that we could make clean and luxurious skincare for ourselves and our family and friends.  I don’t want you to have to pay for glossy ads, modeling fees, and middle men…know and trust that inflated prices don’t mean better products when it comes to skincare. 

Hopefully you were nodding your head once in a while as you read this – Soffli was born with the intent of combatting as many of these skincare frustrations as possible.  Give us a try and let us know what you think. We are so honored to care for you and your precious skin!