My Lips Are Peeling And Chapped!

By Minji

  • With the cold and dry winter weather, peeling and chapped lips can become a problem that's hard to fix
  • Improper cleansing and exfoliation of the lips might be a cause 
  • Follow my simple tips and ensure a supple pout always!

One of the vicious cycles that the cold dry winter times can inflict upon my skin is dry lips. My lips are peeling and chapped – not once in a while, but always. If I fall into this trap, it becomes a problem that can continue on for a long time and is hard to fix. It’s the worst when I have to wear lip color on top of peeling, dry and chapped lips. Not only does it feel icky, but it looks gross. Once you start picking at it…it can quickly become a disastrous situation.

So why does this happen? Obviously, the dry winter weather is drying out your lips. Also, during the winter time, your lips tend to produce less oils which doesn’t help. On top of that, lips generally are one of the more delicate and less oily areas of your face when it comes to skin quality, similar to your eye area (hopefully you're wearing ample eye cream during the winters too?). If you have a habit of licking your lips, this can exacerbate the problem – immediately, it might feel like your lips have more moisture because they’re wet, but it will dry them out even more with time.

Another less obvious reason for peeling and chapped lips is improper cleansing and exfoliating of the lip skin.  It’s so easy to casually skip over the mouth area even during the most vigorous K-beauty double cleanse. If you have this issue, make sure you take the time to cleanse the lips gently with a cotton round soaked in eye make up remover to adequately remove all lip stick and other products from your lips. Hold the cotton round over your lips for 30 seconds or so to allow all product to dissolve and then remove gently in short strokes.

Dead skin can also accumulate on lips so it also helps to exfoliate the lips with a honey sugar scrub once in a while.  So easy to make and do – basically, mix half a teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of brown sugar and a tiny bit of olive or coconut oil, scrub and exfoliate your lips, and let sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with water. If you’re lips really need the extra care, consider following up with a cotton round soaked in almond milk on your lips for another 5-10 minutes.        

The other key to curing peeling and chapped lips once and for all is carrying a good lip moisturizer with you always and applying frequently – before your lips even have the opportunity to dry out. I will actually freak out (mildly) if I realize I've left the house without lip balm in my pocket (I’m not sure what matters more, my wallet, cell phone, hand cream or lip balm…they are the essentials!).  When you apply lip balm, make sure it’s warm and soft and gently glide over your lips so you’re never pulling or tugging. I personally like to use the softer gel/liquid like versions instead of the hard sticks.  I also apply slightly over my lip line for maximum hydration at all times.

Next time those peeling and chapped winter lips come to torment you, don’t despair.  Don’t pick and get frustrated.  Follow these steps of proper cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, and you should be able to recover your supple pout in time!