My Forehead: Age 43, Botox-free & Wrinkle-free

By Minji

  • I attribute my botox-free & wrinkle-free forehead to daily skincare habits – especially how I apply mascara
  • When applying mascara, most of us raise our eyebrows, creating tension in the forehead - try a different angle and my technique instead
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I proudly count my wrinkle-free 100% natural 43-year-old forehead as one of my solid life accomplishments.  It’s the part of my face that gets the most skincare compliments.  Even if I say so myself, without any help from botox or other procedures, it’s smooth, wrinkle-free and supple.  It definitely glows - sometimes almost too much, which is a different story.  I attribute this small win to my multi-step skincare regimen, but also my daily habits.  Especially how I apply mascara.   

Have you ever taken that makeup quiz that asks you which one you couldn’t live without – lipstick or mascara?  For me, it’s always hands down mascara.  Mascara, I’m sure many of you would agree, is a hero product when it comes to makeup.  Almost magical how a few brushes from that tiny wand can wake up one’s eyes, make them dazzle and pop, and totally transform a face.  Even when I’m doing my simplest makeup routine, I’ll try to incorporate a few strokes of mascara in if I can. 

The issue with mascara as it relates to skincare is how when most people apply it, they end up looking up, raising their eyebrows and creating tension and avoidable wrinkles across their forehead.  With time and repetition, those wrinkles will settle in and be visible even when you’re not applying mascara.  It can make your forehead look like a dry parched desert, when (with the right skincare habits) it could be smooth and supple, like a well-hydrated meadow. 

I noticed this early on in my makeup life and have been practicing a different way of applying mascara.  With all things that require relaxation, it starts with a big breath to soften all muscles.  Then, instead of looking up, I actually look down, tilt my head upwards as much as I can, get as close to a mirror as I can, and carefully apply my mascara from the bottom of my lashes to top.  During this entire process, I watch my forehead and other parts of my face in the mirror to make sure I’m not inadvertently scrunching anywhere.  The new angle allows you to apply flawlessly without creating any forehead wrinkles…and simultaneously gives you a neck stretch to smooth out your neck as an added bonus.  Just make sure you’re tilting your head gently and not cranking or jamming your neck.  As you can see in the photo above, I also tend to let my mouth hang open to release all tension and enhance the relaxation.      

In addition to mascara, next time you’re putting on any type of makeup, whether it be eye shadow, eyeliner, or blush, make sure you carefully examine how your face looks in the mirror.  Out of habit and convenience, many of us are straining our faces in different ways and creating unnecessary lines and creases that can contribute to unfortunate wrinkles or make existing ones deeper and more prominent.  

My advice is to experiment with different angles of your face and good mirrors to apply makeup without having to scrunch up anywhere.  It might feel awkward at first, but the more you do it and make it a natural habit, it will become super simple and also help you maintain healthy skin, in particular, a radiant forehead!  Make sure you join our newsletter so you never miss a skincare tip and other exclusive content - be in the know and spark a glow!