My Eyebrows Are Falling Out

By Minji

  • Thinning eyerbows and eyelashes are part of the natural aging process
  • To alleviate, never rub your eyes and consider growth serums
  • For me, I've started looking to more natural remedies like castor oil

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I can usually look to my mom to see indicators of what might be coming for me.  There are positive signs and not so great ones too. 

She still has amazing skin so assuming I keep up a regular skincare routine and healthy lifestyle, I should be able to count on decent skin through the decades.  On the other hand, this woman somehow has lost most of her eyelashes and eyebrow hairs along the way… and I’m starting to notice this transformation slowly happening to me as well.

I’ve been perceiving the thinning of my eyebrows and eyelashes for the last 3-4 years.  I always had weak eyebrows and thin lashes so it was particularly painful to see the few precious ones I had fall out and leave me for good.  I looked sparse on the outside and felt empty within. 

Now it’s to a point where I think I can see a tiny bald spot – right in the middle of my right brow.  My eyelashes are in the same boat – somehow the left eye looks even weaker.  The few wispy hairs left remind me of peach fuzz and go in all crazy directions.  These days on the rare occasion I reach for my mascara wand, I think I might even be able to count and name each and every hair.   

I asked Dr. Yoon about this and he said it’s most likely just a part of the natural aging process. There could be other causes related to thyroid disorders or skin irritation issues.  For me though, I’ve been tested for thyroids and my skin condition is otherwise fine, so I have to conclude it’s part of my natural progression. 

Like the hair on our heads can thin and change as we age, so can the hair on your brows and lashes.  In terms of preventative measures, he cautioned against itching or rubbing eyes unnecessarily and possibly supplementing with growth formulas like latisse.     

I’ve tried both eyelash and eyebrow growth serums and found that both worked for a while, but not consistently or permanently.  In particular, after a year or so, it almost seems like my body has adapted to them and even after a break, I’m getting ineffective results. 

Based on a quick google search, this seems to be a pretty common complaint.  I also don’t like that some of these potions require prescriptions and contain chemical ingredients that come with side effects. So I recently bought castor oil to try as a natural remedy. 

There are currently no published studies that test how castor oil affects eyebrow growth.  While there haven’t been scientific studies that prove that castor oil can regrow hair, assuming you’re not allergic or sensitive to it and you apply in the correct way, it’s a low-risk remedy that may help you get thicker eyebrows. 

According to my research, it seems this remedy is like many other skincare solutions – it’s different for everyone so you just need to see and try for yourself. More recently people have been touting rosemary oil as a natural hair growth stimulant too so you could even try combining the two.   

As much as I’m excited to give this new antidote a try, even before having applied a drop of it to my thinning brows, I know the more important thing for me right now is to accept and be at ease with this new change and transition in my skincare journey.  If anything is true about life, it’s that nothing is permanent, perfect nor personal…and my eyebrows and lashes certainly are no exception.