My 5-Minute Skin-Friendly Makeup Routine

By Minji 

  • Let me take you through a 5-minute makeup tutorial to perfect the K-beauty influenced dewy & glassy "no makeup makeup" look
  • First and foremost, you need a good canvas to shine so pay attention to your basic skincare steps
  • Then all you'll need are a tinted moisturizer, brow pencil, lip color ... and maybe Vaseline!

As much as I love to go makeup free most days, I also appreciate and look forward to my rare "makeup-on" days as well.  I’m cognizant to never get overly reliant on makeup but I do love the fabulous things it can do to my face!  In particular, I’m into the K-beauty influenced dewy, glassy, honey … no makeup makeup look.  Let me take you through my routine, which is also intentionally crafted to be as skin-friendly as possible. 

First and foremost, you need a good canvas to shine.  Makeup can only do so much, right?  So starting from the base line, please make sure you’re making an effort to get good sleep, drinking plenty of water, staying away from sugar and dairy as much as feasible and getting in some good workouts

Then, added to that, cultivate and engage in a regular skincare multi-step routine.  Especially when it comes to looking dewy-fresh, you need to focus on brightening and hydrating.  This means a solid vitamin C serum like the Soffli 16% Vitamin C Serum and an ultra-hydrating moisturizer are a must. 

After a mineral sunscreen as your last skincare step, for your first official makeup step, use a light tinted moisturizer all over your face, never foundation.  I find it to be just the right level of coverage – it will even out your tone but at the same time not cover up heavily.  Then maybe use a liquid concealer just under your eyes or anywhere else you need a quick dab. 

Lastly, I’ll dust on the smallest amount of face powder.  My favorite for years has been this multi-colored powder in the form of small pearls … I use the tiniest bit, 3-5 sweeps with a makeup brush quickly over the face.  Thick powder can really dull and cake up your look so be wary. 

For your eyes, if you’re going for a glassy and wet look, consider using a transparent gloss on your eye lids.  I hear Vaseline works well too and you can even rub some onto your eye lashes to enhance the look (just make sure you don’t get stuff in your eyes which can be irritating!). 

Fill out and define brows with a quick eyebrow pencil or gel.  If you want and have time, a quick coat of mascara doesn't hurt ... just make sure you apply it correctly so you don't create unnecessary wrinkles and your forehead glows.  

For lips, the key is to keep them supple and well-moisturized.  A dry and cracked lip will ruin this look so make sure you take proper care of any chapped lip problems.  Then you can apply a quick dose of your favorite color to your lips – I love this mousse formula lip tint that’s formulated for both your lips and cheeks. 

I’ll apply first on lips, gently even out with my fingers, then take the excess and use it as just a hint of color for my cheeks.  I personally like a red or bright pink that adds a color pop but in addition can easily be smudged around for the low-key makeup no makeup look. If you like, as the last step, consider using a cream type of sheer illuminator for your cheek bones. 

That's it.  Assuming you know your way around makeup, this should take you around 5 minutes or so.  Now, time to go dazzle everyone with your new dewy and glassy aura - less is often more even when it comes to wearing makeup!