Multi-Step Night Time Skincare Ritual

By Minji

  • Steps 1 through 5 are the same as the morning 6-step routine
  • As your night time Step 6, dedicate 2-3 minutes to something different every night along with a mini meditation practice
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My daily night time steps largely overlap with my morning 6-step approach.  But there are a few things I do differently.  The main difference being I take some extra time to pamper myself and sufficiently indulge in these skincare steps- check out my video above where I go through all steps in 7 minutes!  

I strongly recommend that you try to engage in your night time ritual as soon as the sun goes down instead of waiting until before bedtime.  Washing off the day and prepping your skin for bed at sunset is a great way to sync yourself to the natural flow of things.  On top of that, you’ll have much more energy then as compared to right before bed when you’re sleepy and too tired to take proper care of yourself.

First, I make sure to cleanse my face and neck properly.  Wiping off all the makeup, sunscreen and dust and dirt from our faces at the end of a long day is critical for healthy skin.  As you might remember from my article on face washing, I only water wash in the mornings, but at night, if I’ve had makeup on during the day, I’ll double cleanse, in addition to using a separate makeup remover for my eyes and lips. 

First, I use an oil-based wash, then follow up with a gentle foaming cleanser.  Then steps 1 through 5 are the same as the morning - toner, serum, moisturizer,eye cream and face oil.  The caveat to this is that once (or at most twice) a week, I will use an exfoliating pad before Step 1.  Also, once a week (on a different day than an exfoliating day), I incorporate a bit of micro-needling using a simple tool I got on amazon for $25 between Step 1 and Step 2.  I’ll cover the nitty gritty of exfoliation and micro needling in a separate article.

You obviously don’t need sunscreen at night, so skip that.  As your nighttime Step 6, I highly recommend dedicating 2-3 minutes to something different every night.  One of the easiest things to do is an overnight sleep mask.  I also swear by a simple face massage using a gua sha tool.  I don’t like jade rollers because of the friction they can cause by rolling back and forth on delicate skin.  With a gua sha tool, you can better control your massage movements, so they are always in and out, down and up and go deeper. 

Lastly, I would encourage you to look into some at-home tech gadgets.  As you might already know, I’m all about incremental daily habits instead of invasive quick-fixes.  I’ve found that incorporating a few solid tools into my night time routine can really help.  My current favorites are a handheld LED-light and micro-current tool.  More info on all of this to follow.   

That concludes the night time ritual.  Since most of us have more time at night as compared to the morning, incorporating a mini meditation while you’re going through the night time steps can be especially nourishing for both your skin and your soul.  Make sure you join our newsletter so you never miss a skincare tip and other exclusive content - be in the know and spark a glow!