Less Is More – One Ingredient & Done For My Thinning Eyebrows

By Minji

  • Here's an update on how my thinning eyebrows are doing~
  • With diligent application of castor oil morning and night, my eyebrows have found a healthy steady state 
  • Using more ingredients such as rosemary or argan oil actually made it worse for me and all I use is 100% castor oil 

A while ago, I wrote about how my eyebrows are falling out with age.  I also mentioned how I would be looking into more natural and sustainable remedies such as castor oil.  Well, it’s been a few months now and I am happy to report back that castor oil is working for me and my thinning eyebrows!

The reason I know for sure (sometimes those before and after pics are too subtle to notice a real difference, right?), is because of a tiny bald spot I had in my right eyebrow.  With many months of diligent castor oil application morning and night, I can barely notice it.

I’ll never be destined for bushy full eyebrows, but with the help of castor oil, it seems I may be able to maintain my steady state and avoid further bald spots and excessive thinning. I bought a bottle of organic castor oil for around $10 on amazon.  It came with a few applicators that looked like tiny brushes in the shape of a Q-tip, specifically for use on the brow area.

Every morning after applying sunscreen, I would use the applicator to apply one drop of castor oil to each eyebrow, then brush them out and also gently rub the oil in.  Again at night, after the last step of my nighttime ritual (usually my 2-minute gua sha massage), I would repeat the same application.  After a few weeks, I started noticing subtle improvements, and in 2-3 months, my bald spot was no longer noticeable!

As I made progress with this natural remedy, I became greedy. I found some other recipes for eyebrow growth that used not only castor oil but other promising sounding ingredients like argan oil, rosemary oil, Vitamin E and panthenol (provitamin B5). If I could achieve this much growth with just castor oil, how glorious could my eyebrows get with this elabroate concoction?

I purchased the extra elements, carefully followed the recipe for precise formulation and with great anticipation, started using my new eyebrow potion…and saw my eyebrows actually revert back to their previous flimsy and balding state!  In just a few weeks, I could see this wasn’t working.

I’m sure it could be very personal and maybe this recipe works for others out there, but for me at least, it was yet another great lesson in “less is more.”  I returned to my very simple bottle of castor oil and haven’t looked back since.

A few people have asked me if I apply castor oil to my eye lashes as well, since of course, they’re in the same boat as my eyebrows when it comes to thinning issues.  My answer is no – I don’t think I could find an elegant way to apply the oil without having it get into my eyes.  I’m scared and haven’t been able to try it.  Once in a while, I’ll just use latisse on my eye lashes, which is more like watery liquid instead of thick castor oil.

An added benefit of using castor oil on your eyebrows is that it helps with grooming- it slicks back the hairs and keeps them in order, similar to what an eyebrow gel might do. If you’re curious, give it a try.  It’s pretty clear that different things work for different people when it comes to most natural remedies, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be happily and healthily "one and done" for good!