Laugh More For Your Skin & Soul

By Minji

  • Laughter is not only good for your spirit and mental well-being but also important for glowing skin
  • A good laugh can combat stress and cortisol which destroy collagen
  • Remember emotions settle into your face and joy is a good one to let sink in!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!  Hope you all get a little chuckle (at least) out of today’s “fur-takeover” by Moo!  Today is clearly a day to play some harmless pranks on the people around you, laugh lovingly at friends and more importantly, yourself…but why stop today?  If I told you laughter was not only good for your spirit and mental well-being but possibly also important for glowing skin, would you let yourself go more and just laugh?

Well ladies, it is! First, when you laugh, happy hormones like endorphins and oxytocin are released which ultimately can help with your collagen levels.  As most of you might already know, collagen is critical in maintaining skin elasticity and healthy skin and fighting off unnecessary wrinkles.  When you engage in genuine laughter and happy hormones start circulating, stress will melt away and your cortisol levels will decrease. High stress and cortisol levels are known to destroy, or hinder the formation of, good collagen in your body.  Therefore, the more happy hormones you have swimming around within you, the less likely you are to struggle with the sagging and drooping that result from collagen-destroying factors like stress and cortisol.

Second, when you smile or laugh, naturally the corners of your mouth are being pulled up, not down which can also combat the negative effects of gravity.  As I discuss further in my RBF (yup, resting b* face is real!) article, some people even recommend fake smiling all the time to reverse RBF and pull your skin up.  I personally think fake smiling all the time could result in more harm than good, but a genuine smile or laugh once in a while is definitely encouraged to pull up any down-turned mouth corners!

Third, let’s remember that with time, emotions settle into your face (be particularly wary of angry face!), and everyone loves seeing someone who naturally looks happy and content.  That’s why as much as I caution against furrowing eyebrows and crinkling your eyes and over apologizing with your face, the one emotion I’ve always recommended we all go buck wild on is happiness.  Even if those wrinkles settle in, they will show joy and add to the character and depth of your beauty.  Those articles about certain celebrities never smiling or laughing to avoid wrinkles is ridiculous and not something I would ever try. 

In addition, research shows that laughter can boost your overall immune system to keep you healthy, can reduce pain and enhance your mood and spirits, and even functions as a mini-workout to keep your heart vigorous and increase circulation. 

Despite all of these positive benefits smiling and laughing can have on your skin and your body, too many of us get lost in the details and stressful elements of the day, end up taking everything (including our own selves) too seriously, and forget to indulge in this divine gift of laughter.  Next time you feel caught up in negative emotions, maybe try looking at a funny dog pic or video clip and just be...and just laugh.  I’m sure you’ll find that not only do you feel better, but you’ll see a sparkle in your eyes and notice your skin brightening up as well!