It Makes Sense To Adjust Your Summer Skincare Routine

By Minji

  • Just like you change clothes and food with the seasons, it makes sense to change your summer skincare routine
  • In summer, skin is more oily, prone to dehydration and sun damage and in need of frequent cool downs
  • In addition to obvious sun protection, consider focusing on your pores, Vitamin C, hydration and even a skincare fridge!

I like to be steady when it comes to my skincare practices so for the longest time, I resisted any advice to adjust my skincare routine with the change of seasons. 

However, the more I focus on holistic skincare, overall health and really listening to my body and skin, I become convinced it’s absolutely necessary to adjust your skincare routine with the seasons – especially during the hot and humid summer months.

It intuitively makes sense so not sure why I was so stubborn before (blame it on youth?).  Just like we change our wardrobe with the seasons and also crave different types of food even (hot soup in summer and frozen drinks in winter sound pretty bad, right?), our skin is also craving a different type of care during the summer months. 

Obviously, it depends also on where you live and your inherent skin type, but typically during the summer, skin is more oily, prone to dehydration and sun damage and in need of frequent cool downs.

Nothing too drastic, but below are some tips for the perfect summer skincare routine:

  1. Sun protection is more important than ever: In addition to applying sunscreen religiously to your face and neck, make sure you’re applying to your hands, lips, ears and other places easily overlooked. Make sure to reapply regularly and consider adding in a hat, sun glasses or parasol for extra protection. You can even eat your way to better sun protection by eating food rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene or omega 3s like blueberries, watermelon, carrots, green tea, sunflower seeds or walnuts.
  2. Take better care of your pores: With the heat, humidity, sweat and dirt, higher chances that your pores will get clogged and potentially result in issues. Get ahead of the problem by incorporating an exfoliating glycolic acid pad 1-2 times/week and a gentle AHA toner into your daily routine.
  3. Eat, take and also apply Vitamin C: Vitamin C in my opinion should be a year long staple, but this super ingredient becomes even more critical during the summer months which have a higher risk of sun damage. Incorporate a solid Vitamin C serum into your daily line up and also explore taking a supplement and reaching for foods like strawberries, kiwis, oranges, broccoli or kale more frequently.
  4. Start a water challenge and keep hydrated: With the high temperatures and stronger sun rays, it’s easier to get dehydrated in the summer time. If there was ever a time it made sense to take on a water challenge and get 8-9 cups in a day, it would be now!
  5. Let your skin breathe: I often skip Step 5 face oil in the morning during the summer months to let my skin breathe better (I also find that if your sunscreen is piling, face oil is often the culprit!). Also, skip the foundation and go as light as you can on the makeup -it’s the perfect time to let your natural glow shine.
  6. Cool off skin often: In addition to using cooling and hydrating facial sheet masks, or adding in a nourishing facial mist, consider ending every shower with a cold finish. It actually really feels good during the summer months, especially after a workout!
  7. Invest in a skincare fridge: If you’ve been pondering one, it’s the perfect time to invest in a skincare fridge. Not only will it help keep your products fresh and effective, they will feel much better on your skin.  If you have a wine fridge, that’s a great place to store skincare products too.

The most important thing to remember is that just as your skin’s needs might change with the seasons, we all have inherently different types of skin that need different kinds of care so make sure you tune in to what your skin and body are telling you.  Wishing everyone very healthy and vibrant summer skin!