Inside The Bag Of A Skincare Junkie

By Minji

  • As a middle-aged Korean woman who grew up immersed in a culture where skincare was spiritual (i.e., Seoul), I’ve prioritized and perfected skincare details my entire life and it shows up in the contents of my bag too!
  • So what do I carry in my bag? I never leave the house without a mineral sunscreen and a sponge applicator, lip balm and hand on for all the details~

Have you ever wondered what a skincare obsessed 44-year old Korean woman might carry around every day?  I say that jokingly, but you actually might be able to get a few more helpful tips from my bag than reading about all the details of a bigger-than-life celebrity's bag contents, especially if skincare is your jam.  As a middle-aged Korean woman who grew up immersed in a culture where skincare was spiritual (i.e., Seoul), I’ve prioritized and perfected skincare details my entire life and it shows up in the contents of my bag too. 

I used to be a bag-a-holic, until I profoundly realized it would make more sense for my skin and overall health to invest in stylish hats over bags or shoes.  These days, I love bags that are light, simple and small but big enough to fit all of my skincare essentials.  The photo above captures one of those bags that I’ve been reaching for a lot lately.   

So what do I carry in my bag?  First, I never leave the house without a mineral sunscreen and a sponge applicator.  As further discussed in my article on how to reapply sunscreen over makeup, it’s critical that you reapply sunscreen during the day.  Even over makeup, even when you’re driving, and sometimes even when you’re mostly indoors! The best way to reapply is to use a light mineral sunscreen and dab small amounts of sunscreen on at a time using a sponge applicator.  I carry these two essentials with me regularly and try to reapply once during lunch time, and also mid-afternoon to make sure I’m adequately protected from skincare enemy numero uno. 

Next to my sunscreen bottle above, you’ll see a tiny travel sized lip balm and hand cream.  Despite the fact that I try to drink ~9 glasses of water a day for my skin and overall health, I still suffer from dry lips on occasion.  I’m guessing it’s probably hard to beat living somewhere as dry as LA, but as always, it’s better to prevent the problem than dealing with it once it’s become an issue, so I’m constantly reapplying lip balm to my lips.  With hand cream, it’s a similar story.  We wash our hands so many times during the day…it’s critical that you reapply hand cream right away after each wash to preserve the moisture and suppleness in your thankful hands that do so much for you.

I also will typically have a healthy bar and a good read in my bag too.   I’m a big snacker and find that unless I have a healthier option right by my side, I’ll tend to reach for sweets (which are no good for my skin, especially my under eye area) when I’m out and about and hangry.  I love food items that have a limited list of ingredients, so I can know exactly what I’m putting into my body without being overwhelmed with an ingredients list that is impossible to decipher.  The reason I carry a book with me at all times is to maximize my time without stealing time from others … this is a more complex concept you can read about here.

In addition to the above, obviously I have a wallet, my phone and business card holder in there.  If there’s room, I might even throw in an eye brow pencil, lip stick, jasmine or lavender essential oil roller, and a pair of cute earrings as well.  The eye brow pencil and lip stick are great for a quick makeup routine if I feel like it and the roller and earrings function as a pick me up on those long days where you need one! 

Hopefully this inspires you to reexamine the contents of your everyday carryall bag.  Consider adding in one or two items that might be beneficial to your skin and your overall health, and maybe taking away 2-3 items that don’t serve you to lessen your load - on your shoulders and your soul!