I Tried Cupping For My Face

By Charity

  • I tried cupping for my face and I loved it!
  • It can be be a wonderful complimentary tool to the gua sha or sake glass face massage
  • If you try it, make sure you're gentle - you never want to treat your face skin harshly or cause the face to wrinkle

It wasn’t until I was desperately searching for a myofascial release technique that I finally decided to give cupping therapy a try. I can carry stress in my neck and shoulders, which can lead to tension headaches and constricted movement while working out. 

I had a couple of friends who frequented cupping therapy. When professionally performed, glass suction cups can be placed along the back and other muscles. The suction force not only breaks down the tension in the muscles, but also rushes blood flow to that area. 

When our muscles are contracted, it feels like it’s impossible to find a minute of freedom or release. Cupping therapy is an alternative method that can support the release and repair of the fascial tissues, especially around our shoulders and neck. But guess what - cupping is not only good for your trapezius muscles. It’s also great for your face!

Apply a little bit of oil (any carrier oil will do), then squeeze the cups and glide over the face. This action will gently raise the skin.  The key word here is gentle - you never want to treat your face skin harshly or cause the face to unnecessarily wrinkle.

Moving the cups in a motion from the center of the face outwards and to the lymph nodes will help smooth out the skin. Everyone is different, but I've personally found that cupping can be a wonderful complimentary tool for the gua sha or sake glass.

Cupping for the face is a recent addition to my skincare practice. Since starting, I have found it to be very therapeutic. I take a few minutes either in the morning or at night to love my skin in this way.

I use my breath to help bring relaxation to the muscles in the face. It’s only a few minutes, but this small ritual reminds me of the importance of pausing and letting go. Not only do I use cupping therapy to maintain smooth skin, but I also use it when I feel my lymph nodes are under pressure. The afterglow is also so worth it!

If you are intrigued by my experience and would like to try it, go for it! Cupping therapy for the face is very safe and foolproof. Starting at home is a simple process.

I began with silicone cups shaped specifically for use on the face. They are inexpensive and allow for immediate use at any time. There are also cupping tools made out of glass, which serve as an excellent upgrade if you find that facial cupping is right for you. The options are endless!