I Gave Up Foundation Too!

By Susie

  • Foundation is suffocating to the skin and can cause a vicious pimple cycle
  • Breakup with foundation for good and consider a half makeup routine
  • Maintaining a daily skincare routine can also help you let go of foundation

Every morning I make a choice – am I going to do my hair or my makeup?  With a full-time job, husband, two kids and a dog, it’s rare that I have time to do both.  A night owl by nature, I enjoy a good snooze in the morning.  Actually, my nickname is Snooze.  My friends all know I’m a troll in the morning and not someone who enjoys getting out of my warm sheets.  For this reason, I usually go for hair – it lasts longer and I can snooze more the next morning.  

It took me a while to feel comfortable not wearing full makeup.  I thought I would look tired or just undone.  However, my natural love for the morning snooze and my new found confidence in my skin after discovering the power of a daily skincare routine have made hair the clear winner almost every time.  With time, I’ve figured out a simpler half-makeup routine of tinted moisturizer, some blush on my cheeks and lids for a flush of color and a tinted lip balm.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t come out looking like I have the dewy J Lo glow – but I feel like I’m presentable enough and won’t scare anyone. 

The biggest adjustment from going from full makeup to half was breaking up with foundation.  It’s a vicious cycle – get a pimple, use as much foundation (basically plaster) as possible to cover it up.  This prevents the skin from breathing and causes the pimple to get worse.  Eventually it explodes and leaves a scar behind to remember it by.  Then the cycle continues.  I now need thicker foundation to cover the scar which then clogs my pores and causes more pimples.  It’s exhausting just thinking about it.  Tinted moisturizer feels so much lighter on my skin and covers just enough.  It also feels easier to wash off at night which again helps with keeping my skin clean and healthy.

I think letting my skin breathe was one of the most important things in helping to reduce pimples.  Letting go of suffocating foundation broke the vicious cycle.  Around the time I made this transition off of foundation for good, I was also trying to practice good skincare morning and night and perfecting my daily routine.  It didn’t make any sense that I was taking the time to nurture my skin morning and night, then totally erasing all the benefits by plastering on my foundation and suffocating my skin during most of my waking hours.

I still get pimples time to time but I notice they don’t get as angry.  They are also usually one at a time now sans foundation, whereas before I was getting them in groups.  I use concealer in certain areas if I need to, but overall, I’m ok with just the tinted moisturizer.  I also think people don’t seem to notice when I’m wearing makeup or not because the biggest part of my face – my skin – is starting to look more natural and healthier.  It might be uncomfortable letting go of the foundation mask but try taking a break, your skin will thank you for it.  You’ll also have more time for fabulous hair.