Caring For My Lop-Sided Face

By Minji

  • I have facial asymmetry issues - the right side of my face is droopier than the left
  • Predominantly chewing, sleeping, leaning on one side are all every day culprits of facial asymmetry
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The most shocking revelation from my annual face checkup visit with Dr. Moradi was finding out that my face is lop-sided.  I had heard of “facial asymmetry” before, but never gave it much thought and assuredly never thought it would apply to yours truly. 

That is, until sitting under the bright lights of the doctor’s office, I saw it clearly with my own two eyes.  Albeit subtle - the right side of my face is droopier, squarer and slightly bigger even, as compared to the left side of my face. 

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had TMJ jaw issues in the past that understandably contributed to this.  But as I thought about this more and more, I was able to identify many more culprits. 

First of all, I noticed I like to chew predominantly with the right side of my mouth.  Just like I’d rather brush my hair and teeth with my right hand and can only write and eat with my right hand, I like to chew with the right side too.  This is something I’ve been focused on bringing attention to and balancing out as much as I can recently.  Not only for appearance’s sake, but for the health of my jaw and skin, it would make sense to give the right side a break. 

When I asked Dr. Yoon about this, he also questioned my subconscious habits when chewing gum or eating harder texture foods.  He explained that chewing only on one side can, in addition to aggravating facial asymmetry issues, contribute to your jaw becoming more protruded and squarer. 

Ever since he told me this, I’ve been trying to stay away from gum and chewing on stiff foods for long periods of time.  On the rare occasion I must (trader joe’s turkey jerky…yum!), I remind myself to chew with my left jaw more.

Another thing that was easily noticeable once I started thinking about it was how I tend to sleep on one side of my face.  And you guessed it… the side I prefer is my right! 

You’ve heard how sleeping on your face can cause stress and wrinkles on your face, right?  I’ll plan to discuss sleep positions and pillows in-depth soon separately but I think it’s pretty clear that this is also contributing to exacerbating the imbalance in my cheeks.  Really hard to fix this since it’s challenging to be mindful in deep sleep, but every time I catch myself rolling, I try to roll more often than not to the left side these days.    

One thing I don’t do, but should be mentioned as another contributing factor to facial asymmetry, is leaning on your face.  I’ve weaned myself off of that one and if you haven’t thought about it, you should consider remedies here

This exploration into my lop-sided face was an insightful opportunity for me to identify some bad habits to work on for my skin and overall health.  I’m already looking forward to my next annual face checkup to see how these habits work out for me and my cheeks.

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