I'm On A 14-Day “Beauty” Cleanse

By Minji

  • With all the time spent indoors, now might be the perfect time to try out a 14-day "beauty" cleanse
  • Not to say no to makeup forever, but maybe just to restore some balance and give your largest organ, aka skin, a well-deserved break?
  • In addition to no makeup and staying away from heavier oil-based products, read on for some other things to consider~

With the social distancing rules in place, could now be the perfect time to try out a 14-day "beauty" cleanse?  I keep seeing celebrities sharing makeup free photos or close ups of their uncolored roots.  Friends are telling me it's been an opportunity to feel content with less in every way, including with daily grooming routines.  I'm recognizing that not only is it the perfect time to experiment with a "beauty cleanse," I've already kind of been on one naturally.

During "normal" times, there are so many tempting products to try out in beauty counters.  Every time I have the opportunity to pop in to a Sephora or department store beauty section, I’m constantly in awe of all the new beauty gadgets and potions to try.  Not just for your face, but for your hair, nails and body too, in the shape of gels, sprays, perfumes, deodorants, you name it!  

I’m instinctively drawn to these products and enjoy the magic makeup can work on my face occasionally as much as anyone else, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed mostly.  In the consumption-driven world we live in today, there’s clearly a stronger push towards doing more and using more in the name of beauty than just being or taking a break. 

But like everything else in life, there should be balance to beauty routines too - don’t you agree that the pendulum on this one has swung way out of the middle towards more is more…?  If so, would you dare try a 14-day “beauty” cleanse with me?  Not to say makeup is bad or unnecessary but maybe just to bring back some of the evenness and give our skin a well-deserved break?  Since all of us are probably spending the majority of our time indoors anyways, there might not be a better time - carpe diem!

If you feel me, here are some things to consider for the next 14 days of your life (as always, feel free to add on or takeaway based on your unique situation and needs!):

  1. An invitation to abandon all makeup.  That means, the last thing you put on your face should be a clear and light mineral based sunscreen (remember, you need sunscreen even indoors!). Skip even tinted moisturizer – and definitely no foundation, mascara or color products.
  2. Continue on with basic skincare, but make “minimalism” your mantra.  Maybe reduce your steps and go for the 4-step routine (toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen) and stay away from oil-based products to allow your skin to breathe freely.  Just make sure you use a solid moisturizer so that your skin never feels dry or tight. 
  3. Tweak any harsh cleansing habits. If you’re going makeup free, you probably don’t need to double-wash.  Consider a gentle water cleanse in the mornings and maybe just micellar water or a light foaming cleanser at night.  The test is weather your skin feels dry or tight immediately after washing - if it does, you might want to find ways to reduce the intensity. 
  4. For your hair, stay off any coloring products, gels or hairsprays.  Continue to wash it (being careful not to overwash) and maybe at most you apply a mist or essence to take care of you scalp skin.  Let it air dry and maybe go the extra step and let your hair down!
  5. Go for naked nails.  Clip you nails and apply lotion or oil to keep cuticles hydrated, but otherwise let them be – two weeks of bare nails could be just enough time to for deep healing. 
  6. Try going fragrance free.  So no perfume for a while.  Maybe try out some fragrance free skincare products and deodorant too (or could you survive with skipping the latter)?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and for many of us, a sensitive one at that.  If you believe in cleanses for your internal digestive system, why not try the same for your skin?  At the very least, it should be interesting to see what changes - how might your skin respond to a low-key yet nourishing beauty break?  

A week or so in, I can already see that my skin tone seems livelier and bright.  I also feel healthier overall and the thought of reaching for makeup for a confidence boost is a faint memory.  A beauty cleanse once in a while can also help you feel back in-tune with your natural-self and the cyclical flow of things…and did I mention it will give you back tons of your most valuable asset, time? Totally worth it.  Make sure to join our newsletter for free access to other exclusive skincare tips - be in the know and spark a glow!