how to get an even skin tone

How To Get An Even Skin Tone

You've probably come across articles or "how-to's" pertaining to how to get an even skin tone–even if you're just tangentially interested in skinc...

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how to exfoliate the skin

How to Properly Exfoliate

Learning how to properly exfoliate is a key component to any solid skincare routine.  I also think it’s one of the tasks that most people have a ha...

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The Final Verdict On Vaseline

My favorite types of TV shows or movies are those that include complex characters.  Those types of characters like Walter White in “Breaking Bad” t...

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24/7 Holistic Health Diary

I initially wrote this article and the very next day, my entire routine changed! If motherhood has taught my anything in these first months, it’s t...

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Lips Need Sun Protection Too

It’s actually almost annoying to have to think about, but lips need sun protection too. The skin on your lips, despite seeming so unique and differ...

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