Teen-to-Teen: Skincare Tips from One Teen to Another

By Lauren

  • Today I watch teen girls whiz by with their clean skin and a perspective on health that radiates from their faces
  • I asked my 14 year old stepdaughter about her weekly routine and her inspiration for healthy skin
  • Read on for tips for teens on navigating a time when hormones, stress, and peer pressure can wreak havoc on their faces

My stepdaughter is 14 years old and as I connect with this generation, I gaze upon their fresh faces with admiration and wonder. When I was in high school the trend was heavy eyeliner, plenty of foundation, and lots of mascara - not to mention the horrible brown lipstick shades. Today I watch teen girls whiz by with their clean skin, well-shaped eyebrows, and a perspective on health that radiates from their faces, a testament to this generation’s view on overall wellness. So I asked my stepdaughter about her weekly routine, her inspiration for healthy skin, and tips she might have for girls navigating a time when hormones, stress, and peer pressure can wreak havoc on their faces.

  1. Hydration + Supplementation

Her inspiration for skincare began with her mother who is in the spa industry. From a young age her mom helped to promote organic, natural skincare from the inside out. As a high school freshman she runs cross-country and track, meaning she is sweating heavily during intense competition and practices six days per week. To help keep her skin glowing and free from breakouts, she prioritizes hydration, emphasizing plenty of water as a first line of defense. She spoke about her personal skincare as something that begins within and referenced the importance of detoxifying supplements such as Chlorella and other green powders packed full of antioxidants and probiotics to help keep her face looking and feeling fresh. She adds these supplements daily after meals or first thing in the morning.

  1. Exfoliate, but not too much

Each week she exfoliates her skin but unlike other teens, or myself in the past, she doesn’t over do it. She is conscious to exfoliate her skin once or twice a week but recognizes that being too tough on your skin can actually aggravate the skin and cause more redness, breakouts or damage so exfoliate to remove dead skin but be cautious with the frequency.

  1. Facials, Face Masks & Self Care

To help keep skin hydrated, calm and supple she treats herself to a face mask each week. I love the idea that she takes time to pause each week and do something kind, relaxing and supportive for herself in the midst of a full schedule. These 20 minutes help her to slow down while also nourishing not just her face but her mind. When she has the time, she also loves to be treated to a facial. These days pop-up facial bars are becoming more of a regular fixture across Los Angeles making it easy for women of all ages to stop in for a special treatment with organic, natural ingredients - like a Dry Bar for your face!

  1. Less is More

And lastly, I love that young women today don’t feel the need to hide behind a full face of makeup. In fact, when she sees women wearing layers of heavy foundation, she seems confused. A quick swipe of light mascara and clear eyebrow gel with a little colorless lip gloss is all she needs to be ready to confidently walk out of the door each day. She prioritizes getting her eyebrows done and as a result, keeps me accountable too! Her main indulgence is her eyebrow maintenance which helps set the tone and frame for a fresh, clean, vibrant face.

I am inspired by the healthy glow that begins within and the simplicity of this teen-inspired beauty routine which radiates confidence and wellness. I think each of us can take a cue from this generation and being to peel away the layers that no longer serve us, or our skin, in a healthy, positive way!