Spreading Love During The Coronavirus Pandemic

By Charity

  • The coronavirus has had a global reach, leaving no region unscathed
  • It also seems like it'll be here for awhile...
  • I'm sharing some thoughts on finding ways to connect while staying at home and expressing your genuine care towards the broader community

The coronavirus has had a global reach, leaving no region unscathed. In the U.S., local governments are ordering shelter-in-place guidelines, and now thousands of businesses are closing, unemployment and layoffs are rising. There is more uncertainty in these times than what we are comfortable dealing with. Yet it is in times like these that I look for the beauty in humanity to rise. And I’m glad to say that, indeed, the beauty of genuine care, kind treatment towards others and empathy is truly present among all of us. 

Finding Ways to Connect while Staying at Home

We must engage in social distancing to combat the novel coronavirus. Social distancing has upended the way we go to work, meet up with friends, and even walk in our neighborhoods. For some, this social distancing mandate has led to the loss of a job. For others, it may mean they have to navigate ‘homeschooling’ their kids while they work from home. And yet, for others who were already confined to their home, social distancing means more isolation. These circumstances are touching all of us, no matter where we are. The environment today is ripe for us to become creative in our ways of human connection with those near and far.

I have adjusted to working from home and recently completed a few weeks working in a self-quarantined state. A couple of my colleagues in other parts of the country suggested that we host a virtual happy hour for the team. I’ve probably caught up with my siblings now more than most months, thanks to employing multiple video chat platforms. Also, the sharing of knowledge and resources through a phone call or email has helped me stay informed and share the burden of this time with others. Sending texts to check in on friends, or even sending written notes when able, have all been really helpful ways to stay connected. There are so many ways that we can lift each other up in this time, while also maintaining our distance in an effort to curb the pandemic.

Participating through Donations

There are many nonprofits who are on the front lines of serving the most vulnerable communities in this crisis. Below are a few that have a longstanding track record of serving communities across the country, and especially during this time.

  • Meals on Wheels provides meals to home-ridden seniors across the country. Now more than ever it is important to make sure our seniors are taken care of with food and goods.
  • Feeding America partners with food banks all over to address food security challenges in our dire communities. Donating to this organization time will ensure more families have access to the groceries they need.
  • Donate directly to your local food bank! Food banks are anchor organizations that stand between concerns of food security and waste. They are a critical item in the safety fabric of our society.

Encouraging Essential Workers

I have several friends in the healthcare industry. The conversations I’ve had with them opened my eyes to the crazy circumstances they are facing everyday, regardless of what health field they operate in. From the nursing homes to medical clinics, they are witnessing high levels of stress as they navigate this health crisis. I also think of grocery workers, who are essential to making sure all of us are able to meet our needs under these unusual circumstances. They are also on the front lines. Extending any sort of encouragement through either a kind word, text or social media post may make the world of a difference as they face this crisis everyday. And finding ways to support the local businesses that have been able to stay open is another way we can spread love to each other. 

It will take everyone doing their part, and encouraging each other along the way, to fight this thing. So let’s spread love and encouragement in every way we can.