Skincare Secrets I Learned From Mom (Tisa's Story)

One of our core values here at SeoulofSkin is inclusion.  As part of holistic skincare, we embrace individual uniqueness, different perspectives and cultural wisdom.  Hence, despite the fact that the core of our content is K-beauty influenced, we’re always looking to learn and explore skincare tips from different cultures.  With these values in mind, we’re happy to kick off our “Skincare secrets I learned from mom” series where we’ll discuss skincare habits and tips with real women from diverse backgrounds.  

For our inaugural article, we chatted with Tisa.  Tisa is 33, both Hispanic and Caucasian (her mom is originally from Mexico) with dry & oily combination skin.  Tisa has the most beautiful skin tone and every time I see her, exudes an energy and glow that you can feel comes from deep within.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Tisa’s mom and she is stunning with gorgeous skin. Below is a summary of the skincare secrets Tisa shared with us.    

  1. Tell us about your skincare history. When did you become aware of the importance of skincare?  

I was a dancer from age 3 to age 14 and would go to dance competitions where I would have to wear very heavy stage makeup. It wrecked my face at a young age. I fortunately didn't grow up with acne, but it did cause my skin to dry out, especially around my nose. My mother’s go-to for makeup remover and moisturizer was a drugstore-bought all-purpose face cream. She taught me at a very young age that I should be washing my face every night before bed.  She stressed the importance of removing all makeup and dirt build up that you get throughout the day. I will admit that I hated this task... and only did it out of habit and because I was forced to. It wasn't until I was 17 that I started appreciating skincare independently.  Getting my first facial during a spa weekend with my mom and her sisters changed my life. The facialist convinced me to incorporate a night cream and daily sunscreen.  She explained it would go a long way, especially the earlier that you start!  

  1. Any tips that stem from your cultural background or otherwise unique to your skincare routine in general?    

I would say that one thing that I hear most often (and am most surprised about) when talking to my girlfriends is that they forget about their chest. I use moisturizer and sunscreen on my face, neck and chest every morning and night (minus the sunscreen at night obviously). Don't forget about your chest! I also drink close to a gallon of water a day - having naturally dry skin, my face and lips will dry out if I’m not drinking water constantly.  

  1. Tell us about your mom ... how does she have such amazing skin?

 My mom made the same mistakes we all do... not wearing sunscreen, skipping face washes at night, not drinking enough water. But after falling asleep on a beach in Mexico and experiencing skin damage, she became religious about using sunscreen every day and never missed her bedtime moisturizing routine. My mom has always believed that you don't need expensive products to keep your skin healthy, smooth and vibrant. A good face wash that removes ALL your makeup, sunscreen and a solid moisturizer at night have been her staples for decades and now at age 65, her skin is still glowing.   

  1. What is top of mind for you these days when it comes to skincare?  

 As I get older, I’m realizing the importance of sleep and eye cream! I didn't start thinking about this stuff until I hit my 30s and started to see the changes in my face! The less sleep I got the bigger the bags under my eyes, and the stress of work just added to that. I’m definitely more mindful of trying different eye creams to find what works for me to best. I am also very aware of the changes my body is going through as I get older and how it effects my skin all over. I have started moisturizing my whole body each morning and incorporated sugar scrubs in the shower to help in exfoliating the areas of my body that I ignored my whole life.