Skincare Secrets I Learned From Mom (Ellee Ven's Story)

Continuing on with our “Skincare secrets I learned from mom” series where the purpose is to discuss skincare habits and tips with real women from diverse backgrounds, today we’re excited to bring you Ellee Ven’s story.  

Ellee Ven is a singer, songwriter, creator and most importantly, a self-proclaimed Groovalutionary.  She is the founder of the groov’alution, a movement to overthrow social order in pursuit of a creative life. Ellee is also a passionate philanthropist, driven by her life mission to put people in touch with the creativity and kindness that exists within us all.  If you haven’t figured it out already, Ellee is a one-of-a-kind type of fabulous person.  Whenever I’m around her, I’m constantly laughing and can feel my mood lift and heart warm.  She also is stunning at age 51 so I sat her down to get all of her skincare secrets.  Below is a summary of what she shared with us.

  1. What is your cultural/ethnic background and skin type?

I would say I’m a fair-skinned Caucasian. My DNA is 49.5% Ashkenazi, 48% Iberian Peninsula, 2% Sub-Saharan. My skin is sensitive and on the dry side.

  1. Tell us about your skincare history. When did you become aware of the importance of skincare and what influenced you?

I grew up in LA and from a young age I was very aware of the importance of health and of the value placed on beauty.  My mother was a beauty icon and huge influence for me.  She was 43 when she had me and she was gorgeous.  I’m sure genes had something to do with it, but it was lifestyle and habits too.  She was of Spanish descent with some “old world” ideas.  She wore little makeup - just a little liner and lipstick. She focused more on keeping her skin clean. I remember how before bed time she would use cleanser to rinse her skin, put olive oil on a wet towel and apply it to her skin using circular motions to moisturize and exfoliate.  She would use vinegar for a blemishes and Vaseline for dryness. She grew old gracefully and maintained the basics very well…daily skincare, routine mani/pedis, visits to the salon, etc.  Sometimes it seemed “a little much” but the lesson was I need to take care of myself so I can take good care of you.

Having said that, when each of my sisters and I became “women” she took us straight to Saks to get skincare products. She wanted us to get into a routine.  She also just liked reasons to go to Saks...

  1. Any skincare tips that stem from your cultural background or unique to your skincare routine in general?

Smile often, dance, love, cook, drink vermouth, and most importantly, drink water.  Lots of water. I’ve come to believe that all beauty is enhanced by a supple body and mind. I think my mother looked youthful and vital because she took good care of her health, had a simple skincare routine and made jokes about everything.

  1. What is your skincare routine?

In the morning I splash my face with water and apply a small amount of serum, then sunscreen and makeup.  At night, I use a foaming cleanser or a cleansing balm if I’m dry or have worn makeup.  My favorite product is plain hyaluronic acid that I get on amazon. It’s never wrong and I apply it all over my body actually.  Then I will use any number of serums or oils…I prefer those to thick lotions. Also, at night, I love to take a shower. I consider this an important part of my nighttime ritual.  We don’t want to take the streets to the sheets! Great to wake up fully refreshed. 

  1. What is top of mind for you these days when it comes to skincare?

As I’ve matured, I’m a lot more sensitive to the sun and make a real effort to keep my upper body out of it. I wear sunscreen or a hat if exposure can’t be avoided because the after effects can be long and ugly. I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I like to keep my pores clean and tight. Beyond that, I try keep it as simple as possible… eat well, exercise and stay happy!