Skincare Predictions For 2021

By Susie

  • We predict the biggest skincare trends for 2021!
  • We're all becoming germaphobes so get ready for the rise of "hands-free" skincare...
  • The focus on skincare as selfcare and value-based consumption will continue too

Working in corporate retail, it’s my job to predict what I think the future will hold in terms of fashion trends. I observe consumer behavior, talk to experts in the market and do my best to determine which way the wind will blow.

There are certain themes that were starting to emerge pre-pandemic that have only grown stronger over the past year: sustainability, quality over quantity and less is more. Minji covers some others here. Thrifting and re-sell shops have become popular again, working from home resulted in adjusting our spending habits and overall, we’ve learned to simplify and live with less.

In this environment where loungewear reigns supreme in retail, the beauty industry is following suit. There is no virtual background on Zoom that can hide bad skin. “Above the keyboard dressing” has resulted in the skincare, make-up and hair care industry exploding and also adapting.  Reading the tea leaves again, below is what I think 2021 will bring in terms of skincare trends:

  • Hands-Free Skincare: stores are coming up with ways to fight off germs. There are sensors on doors so they open without needing to be touched and hand sanitizer stations are everywhere. With germs being top of mind, I predict that the skincare industry will follow this trend and products will become more and more hands-free, i.e., no more dipping fingers into moisturizer jars! Soffli products are all already hands-free in this way. Try our 16% Vitamin C Serum which comes in a glass airless pump – keep the germs at bay and also maintain the integrity of all your precious skincare ingredients!
  • Value-focused: gone are the days of mindless spending. The future is uncertain, and nothing is guaranteed. In my business, stores closed, people were furloughed, and hiring froze. There is hesitation to spend but a necessity to take care of yourself now more than ever. How can skincare be nourishing to your well-being while not breaking the bank? I believe more of us will start looking for transparent brands we can trust and become smarter consumers who actually read ingredient lists. All Soffli products are made with 15 or less clean and proven ingredients which makes this process manageable!
  • Continued Emphasis on Self-care: living through a pandemic while struggling to juggle responsibilities can take its toll. Adding to that, even in 2021, at least initially, there won’t be many places to go for relief. Using sheet masks to have at-home facials, learning how to do face massages and spending time reconnecting with skin, your largest organ, will continue.
  • Simplifying: With people having to do a lot more for themselves without external help, less people are finding time for elaborate 10 step skincare routines. Less will be more in skincare for 2021.  We need a simple list of proven and clean ingredients condensed in fewer bottles overall.

In my professional experience, trends generally come and go. Consumers can be fickle and change their mind often. However, the latest trends that emerged this year are different – they are not superficial but rather seeded in a core values and the desire for a different way of life. The ideas of self-care, transparency and value are not just fleeting trends but most likely here to stay for the long-term.