Skincare Procedures & Experimentation

By Susie

  • Problem skin has led me to my curious, experimental and open-minded attitude towards skincare procedures
  • I’m often wondering how to marry a holistic approach to skincare with more aggressive procedures like lasers, botox, fillers, etc. 
  • Next time you’re considering a new skincare experiment, ask yourself some key questions  

Now that my kids are at easier ages and I don’t feel like I’m in the weeds all the time, I’ve been trying to focus more on self-care and building a solid wellness routine. This includes healthy eating, exercise and mindful thinking – in addition to active skincare. I’m by nature curious and often find myself wondering how to marry a more holistic approach to skincare and well-being with the more aggressive treatments and procedures out there.

If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I’ve always been plagued with skin problems. I’ve had oily, acne prone skin since my teens which has left dark spots on my face. I now suffer from Melasma. This problem skin has led me to my curious, experimental and open-minded attitude towards skincare. I quickly found out that one jar of pimple cream was not going to solve my problems. I had to branch out, research, talk to experts and try different things. 

First and foremost, that meant dedicating myself to a holistic approach to skincare. Products alone would not save me from an angry pimple filled face. In addition to researching and trying out different products, I had to educate myself on nutrition, exercise and other habits. Also, personally, I’ve found that the extra help I get from procedures is beneficial to my skin and often worth the relative pain, money and effort.  

In my quest for healthy glowing skin, I am open to most things. My guinea pig approach to skincare includes trying lasers, botox, kybella, micro-needling, micro-dermabrasion, etc. To me, these procedures are part of preventative care to maintain healthy skin. It’s not about trying to look younger or turning back the clock. I’m being proactive and taking the time to address any skin concerns today which will help my peace of mind and wellness in the long-term.   

Wellness for the body & mind begins with taking care of yourself and one of the biggest physical manifestations of that is healthy skin. I know my skin well enough by now to know that it needs a little extra help to achieve that. It’s not about looking younger or better to anyone else. It’s all about me – the quality of my skin, my confidence, my sense of well-being and my peace of mind.

My approach to skincare is fluid, experimental and inclusive. I’m trying to build good daily habits but also wonder about new in-office treatments. I think so long as you’re approaching everything in moderation, researching thoroughly, taking the time in making your decisions and have reasonable expectations (trust me ladies, nothing will work miracles!), then these are all truly personal choices and there is no right or wrong approach. I have friends like Minji who won’t even try botox to other friends who’ve tried everything under the sun. I’ve seen that at both ends of the spectrum, you can have healthy skin by making the right skincare choices for yourself. 

Next time you’re considering a new skincare experiment, ask yourself – is it sustainable? Will it alleviate a bigger stress and give me of peace of mind?  Why am I considering this – to look better to others or to address my wellness needs?  What are my expectations and are they reasonable? If you take the time to answer these questions and really think about you and your needs, I trust that you’ll find the right answer.