Q&A On Skincare With Top Fitness Expert

By Minji

  • I sat down with Rachel Tonick Dovey, renowned fitness expert and healthy living junkie, to discuss skincare tips for before and after workouts
  • Rachel recommends cloth headbands during workouts to collect sweat that can clog pores or cause oily skin 
  • She also carries cleansing pads & wipes with her always to keep skin clean on the go! 

One of the skincare questions I frequently get is how to properly take care of your skin before and after workouts.  Here at SeoulofSkin, we include “body” as one of the core holistic elements of skincare, which means we believe exercising is beneficial and absolutely necessary for healthy skin.  However, it’s always not so easy to find convenient yet effective ways to practice good skincare before and after workouts where you break a serious sweat.

I sat down with my friend and renowned fitness expert Rachel Tonick Dovey to get some professional advice.  Rachel is the Executive Producer of FitLife Productions, a healthy living junkie and overall badass with a heart of gold. She is one of the top choreographers and leading fitness production specialist in the fitness industry.  She has developed new wave online fitness programs and DVDs and has acted as a contributing editor for numerous fitness and lifestyle magazines and online platforms.  Rachel is an avid runner, cyclist, yogi, snowboarder, and boxing enthusiast – she is constantly working out and always on the go.  Below is a summary of what we discussed: 

  1. What types of skincare concerns do you have in fitness? 

A good workout brings on a good sweat.  Sweat gets under the skin and can cause clogged pores and oily skin.  I always wear a cloth headband and know that it collects sweat and dirt that could otherwise cause skin problems. 

  1. How do you take care of your skin before and after workouts? Any difference between indoor and outdoor workouts? 

Pre-workout, I wash off everything except for my under-eye concealer and mascara.  Directly after, I clean off my face with cleansing pads, remove my headband and toss it in the wash.  If I’m working out outdoors, I always wear tinted moisturizer with SPF.  The key is to go into a workout with a clean face (never a full face of makeup!) and cleanse right after the work out and moisturize. Apply sun protection through sunscreen and gear if you’re outdoors.  

  1. Anything special you do that's been effective for healthy skin?   

I find that washing my makeup brushes more often and using only clean ingredients in my skincare products has been helpful.  I’m spending more and more time these days reading ingredients labels. 

  1. Do you find that certain workouts are better or worse for your skin?  

Hot yoga can really make me break out.  Even if I wash my face right after class, it still causes issues.  Being outdoors does wonders for me.  Assuming you have the right sun protection gear on, nothing like a little bronze on the face! 

  1. Any thoughts on nutrition and skin care? 

The cleaner I eat, the clearer my skin is.  It’s totally noticeable.  Greasy food, chocolate and alcohol definitely affects my skin in a negative way.  I feel like even just being in a restaurant that serves greasy foods can negatively affect my skin!  

  1. Tips for keeping fresh while you're always on the go? 

Always carry cleansing wipes and only use a gym towel once.  I even like using the “down there” wipes directly after a workout.  Clean off and change as soon as you can, then repeat all over again!