Pregnancy Daily Skincare Routine

By Lauren

  • Pregnancy is a great time to reevaluate your daily skincare routine
  • With hormonal shifts and oilier residue, it's important to wash your face daily
  • Keep your regimen simple and safe by focusing on a good moisturizer and sunscreen, and solid sleep!

As it relates to pregnancy and skincare, after you’ve reviewed your products, it’s time to re-evaluate your daily skincare routine. Women experience a shift in their chemistry throughout pregnancy which can change trimester-to-trimester so it’s important to be flexible and patient as your body adapts to these continual changes.

For many women pregnancy results in a “pregnancy glow.” With increased blood circulation you may notice more rosy facial tones or due to hormonal shifts and oilier residue on skin. First and foremost it’s important to wash your face morning and night. This might seem basic but as first trimester exhaustion kicks in, you might be tempted to just fall into bed at night. Even on your most tiring days make the commitment to wash your face. Use a gentle cleanser, washcloth, and warm water to clean the skin around your face and neck. If that’s all you have energy for today, great! Celebrate the small wins and just do what you can. This will help your skin to thrive throughout pregnancy so that even when you are low energy you will continue to feel good in the skin you’re in.

In the mornings after a gentle wash of your face, apply your toner followed a few minutes later by your facial moisturizer. In the mornings make sure your facial moisturizer has sunscreen. Personally, I use a moisturizer without sunscreen so I follow my moisturizer with a tinted, oil-free, lightweight cream that has SPF for protection. Melasma or darkening of the skin on the forehead or cheeks is common during pregnancy due to shifting hormones. Daily sunscreen use can help protect against this discoloration. To further help prevent melasma, consider gifting yourself monthly facials that include micro-dermabrasion to help exfoliate skin while keeping cell regeneration healthy.

In the evenings wash your face and remove any makeup, sunscreen, or sweat from the day. If your skin is especially oily due to that pregnancy glow, you might consider leaving your face free of heavy products for the evening so that your skin can breathe. Apply a gentle, evening moisturizer and eye cream before bed. You only need SPF during the day so make sure your evening product does not contain any unnecessary ingredients such as sunscreen.  Make sure you moisturize your growing belly and care for stretch marks too. 

Dr. Yoon also points out, one other critical thing for good pregnancy skin is getting enough sleep. Sleep is always important, but even more so during this critical time where your hormones are shifting and you’re likely experiencing changes in your skin.

Once baby arrives you’ll have much less time for your morning and evening rituals. While skincare will continue to be an important part of your routine, pregnancy is also a great time to explore creating a routine that is efficient yet effective. Find a routine that you love but that is also under 5 - 10 minutes.

Pregnancy is a great time to limit the number of products you use and decrease your use of makeup as you allow the pregnancy glow to shine. Enjoy this special time and soak in your precious moments of self care!