Practicing Skincare At The Office

By Susie

  • For many of us, time at the office is too large a window of time to waste 
  • You can spa-ify your work place and find small ways to practice good skincare habits even at the office
  • Start with a mini humidifier and build your own beauty bar - read more for other ideas! 

When I start my day at work in the mornings, my makeup is fresh and my skin looks nice and clear. I look like I’m ready to seize the day. By 2:00 pm though, I look like I’ve lost the battle. My skin typically starts to look dry and sallow as the day goes on. To freshen up, in the past, I would put more makeup on to camouflage the fatigue.  But this never felt great. It always felt a bit icky to pile on makeup on top of old makeup I was already wearing, especially since it could clog my pores and cause more skin issues.

I started thinking about this one day and realized I am in the office at work more than anywhere else in life (if you count only waking hours, I might spend more time at work than home!). Therefore, not only should I enjoy what I do, I should find ways to enjoy my time there more.  It’s too large a window of time to waste and let slip by.  I decided to spa-ify my space and find small ways to practice good skincare habits even in the office.

The first problem to conquer was air quality. Sitting in an office with recycled air was leaving my skin dry and irritated. Dry air can sap the moisture from your skin causing dryness and dullness. I started using a mini humidifier to add the moisture back in. I love using humidifiers at home, and quickly found that I also love it during the 8+ hours a day while I’m at work.  The addition of the mini humidifier was just the beginning of my office zen & spa-ification process.      

Below are a few other things you can do to turn your office into an enjoyable zen spa-like environment:

  • Add scents: a diffuser with scented oils can help you relax and focus. Certain scents have also been known to help lower blood pressure and stimulate digestion. If you are going the mini humidifier route like me, you can find one that doubles as a diffuser too. 
  • Cultivate a small beauty bar: I use a corner of my desk as space for my in-office beauty bar. It started out with a cute hand cream and peppermint roller (have you felt how amazing this feels on the back of your neck and ears – the perfect mid-day perk!) and now I have a few more essential oils and facial mist too. It feels great to hit the beauty bar during the mid-day slump! 
  • Detoxifying tea bags: instead of running for the standard office coffee, I started to bring in my own detoxifying tea bags. Not only does this shake up the monotony of the day, it adds a hint of luxury to my otherwise standard routine…floral or fruity green teas are great for skin too! 
  • Lighting: if you are not next to a window, it can be a drag to sit all day in artificial light. If you can’t open a window to let in some fresh air and catch some vitamin D, then consider getting a table lamp that mimics natural daylight. Sunlight is proven to perk up your mood, increase productivity and has numerous health benefits...just make sure you're wearing sunscreen if you're near the sun! 
  • Add greenery: succulents are a great option, super cute, but hard to kill and easy to maintain. Even I can keep those alive and that's saying a lot.  

Work is a constant for many of us, and if you’re like me, you have to go most days. The lesson I’ve learned is to add subtle touches to make it an environment that helps you feel good and makes your skin look better to boot.  There are still days where I’m so stressed out at work, I could make a Susie-shaped hole in my window as I jump out, but retreating to my mini zen spa at the corner of my desk always helps!