Kids And Acne

By Susie

  • Even children under ten can suffer from clogged pores that cause acne
  • Careful cleansing before bed is the most important when it comes to children and skincare
  • Hair bands and hats that come into contact with skin can block pores too

If you’ve read my previous post related to starting children early on skincare, you know that I am concerned my daughter will inherit my acne prone skin. Lucky for her, I have lived a life of trial and error and various ups and downs when it comes to acne and skin…so she has a guru to shine the light and guide her way.

She just turned 8, but I recently had to take her to the dermatologist for a bump on the side of her face. It was getting large so I knew it was not a bug bite or simple pimple. Turns out it was a cyst possibly caused by an ingrown hair. The doctor gave her two numbing shots, squeezed everything out of the bump and then followed up with a steroid injection. I was terrified for her, but the girl didn’t even flinch.  I mean, I thought I was a stoic invincible woman during my botox, but she made me look like a scaredy cat.

While I was there, I took the opportunity to ask the dermatologist about skincare for kids. I’m a firm believer that the earlier you start, the better. He looked at the tiny little bumps my daughter has in her t-zone and told me they are clogged pores and eventually could turn into pimples.    

He recommended a face wash with salycilic acid, a hydrating moisturizer and also oil-free sunscreen. Part of me rebuked the idea of putting a harsher face wash on my daughter every day, but the part of me who has suffered with pimples her whole life, understood what her future could entail if she didn’t start using better products early. He said the “gentle” products like dove soap add fat to make the skin feel softer. On acne prone skin, that’s like smearing a greasy burger on your face. Ugh.  

I asked Dr. Yoon for a second opinion and he confirmed careful cleansing before bed as the most important thing when it comes to children. Even with children, he warned that dirt and debris left over while sleeping can clog pores and cause acne. After cleansing you should follow up with a gentle hydrating moisturizer. He also cautioned that hair bands and hats that come into contact with the skin could potentially block pores and cause acne. He recommends that you don’t use them for prolonged periods of time, and if you do, make sure they’re washed and clean. Obviously, daily sunscreen is a no-brainer, even when it comes to kids.   

So as part of my daughter’s continuing skin care journey, I decided to combat the clogged pores early and hopefully help her maintain healthy skin. I scoured Sprouts and Wholefoods and was able to find a product that had 2% salycilic acid as well as more natural ingredients like willow bark extract. Of course it’s paraben, phthalates and synthetic fragrance free.

I’m going to continue researching skincare products for kids that are effective yet gentle and as natural as possible. In the meantime, I’m helping my daughter’s pores stay gunk free and hoping she will learn to implement good skincare tips today that will last a lifetime.