Importance of Spring Equinox

By Lauren

"With growth and clarity as the key energies for spring, this is the ideal time to detox and cleanse your skin and soul to ultimately initiate your personal season of regeneration."

Spring is a season of renewal, symbolic of new creations, growth and rebirth. It is a time when the earth is coming alive once again. And, it is a time for YOU (and your skin!) to come alive once again.

Spring is a potent time for awakening to new ideas as well as new dreams for your life. As the warmth of the sun returns and the days began to lengthen, you become inspired and revitalized.

This seasonal transition is also a time of balance, when the hours of light and dark find greater equilibrium. This environmental balance helps you to cultivate greater inner balance throughout your life which is why we chose this special time for our spring detox sale

Spring can be a great time for a "detox" plan for anyone who is ready to release negative habits, behaviors or addictions. This seasonal transition taps you into the natural biorhythm of nature and is the perfect time to cleanse and renew. 

Spring is about more than cleaning your home; it is an opportunity to cleanse your skin, mind and body of negative elements which may have accumulated over the winter months or possibly over many years.

In particular, when we talk about a spring skin detox, instead of harping on the technical meaning of eliminating toxins, rather we're focused on properly cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

This can be accomplished through quality skincare products such as a Gentle AHA Toner, Vitamin C Serum or detoxifying sheet masks.  It also can be assisted by reexamining our holistic skincare habits such as sleep, exercise and diet.

It is often said that spring is the ideal time to detox because this season is all about blossoming into life. By releasing what is no longer serving you in a positive way, with the support of community, you have the opportunity to use this season to step into your highest purpose and vision for your life. 

With growth and clarity as the key energies for spring, this is the ideal time to detox and cleanse your skin and soul and initiate your personal season of regeneration.