Have You Heard Of Pregnancy Hair?

By Lauren

  • During pregnancy, many women go through changes in their hair
  • In particular, drastic hair loss after pregnancy is fairly common
  • Don't panic- we're sharing tips to navigate hair loss during this time and beyond!

As a woman there’s a lot that happens to your body in the course of a lifetime. If you decide to have biological children then you get to experience the extra layers of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum.

As a culture we often say, “why don’t women talk about this?” After having my first child this year, I can honestly say I think new moms have so much going on, and face so much transition with their lives, baby’s, partnerships and bodies, that they simply can’t remember all of the details in order to prepare the next wave of new moms for what’s ahead!

One of the lovely postpartum side effects you can look forward to is hair loss. And A LOT of it! Have you ever heard of “pregnancy hair?” Until I became pregnant, I had never heard of such a thing. I went to see my hair stylist and she commented on how full, shiny and long my hair was. She called it, “pregnancy hair.”

I quickly learned that while pregnant, women lose much less of their hair. Normally, we shed layers and layers of hair throughout the year in cycles. Hair loss and regeneration cycles are different woman to woman. Some hair regeneration cycles might be 2-3 months while other women might have longer cycles, such as 6-9 months. Hair naturally falls out and regrows in this continuous cycle, keeping it healthy and fresh.

However, the entire time you are pregnant, due to shift in hormones, your cycle shits and you lose much less hair than usual. While you’re not actually growing more hair, you’re shedding less. This means postpartum once hormones return to normal and you’ve moved through your hair regeneration cycle, be prepared to shed all of that hair you didn’t lose during the course of your pregnancy!

I lost so much hair starting around 4 months postpartum that I was using a dry Swiffer daily to prevent my daughter from choking on the strands. One friend was even asked by her husband if she would wear a hairnet because her red hair was falling out so profusely!

It’s important to remember that this is natural. While it will be more extreme for some women than others, your hair will typically grow back. Don’t panic.

Here are a few tips to help you through this time:

1) As always, it’s important to talk with your healthcare provider, especially if you are nursing, but adding B Vitamins to your daily routine may help ease hair loss.

2) Stop washing your hair! Not entirely. Just wash less. Try and wash your hair only 2 - 3 times (at most) in a week.

3) Use a bar style shampoo and drop the conditioner, especially if your hair has also become oily.

4) Use fewer tools on your hair - brush your hair less. Don’t pull on your hair or pull anything through your hair that could aggravate the hair loss. Again, try limiting this to the days when you wash your hair.

5) Wear your hair up until the hair loss subsides.

6) Get a haircut. You don’t have to jump to the “mom bob” but, of course you could! I kept my long hair but a little trim went a long way to help ease the burden!