Enhancing Your Wellness Cabinet (Spring Cleaning Pt. 3)

By Charity

  • As the last piece of your spring cleaning this year, consider enhancing your wellness cabinet
  • The ingredients in a well-organized wellness cabinet could be the key to boosting your immune system and fighting off infections this season
  • Read on for a few hidden gems already lying around in your kitchen that you’ll want to make sure you keep well stocked!

Spring is now here to stay, and so the flurry of reorganizing and cleaning has begun! I enjoy entering the spring season with a fresh view on what lies around me. This year I’d like to be more proactive about enhancing my wellness cabinet to make sure I am equipped to boost my immune system on an ongoing basis.

Empowering your immune system to fight off infections and diseases is a fantastic way to increase longevity and improving your skin health. What you may not know is that there are some incredibly powerful herbs and spices, already in your pantry, that can be used to serve your immune system well.

Now that you’ve cleaned out your skincare shelf, read on for a few hidden gems already lying around in your kitchen that you’ll want to make sure you keep well stocked!

For your wellness cabinet, do you have oregano handy? Oregano is related to the mint family and is also known as wild marjoram in Europe. This flavorful herb not only makes your pizza sauce sing, but it is packed with vitamins and immense health qualities too! Oregano is understood to have high concentrations of antioxidants (according to a USDA study, it had 42x the antioxidants of apples), is antimicrobial, and also has anti-viral potential to support recovery from respiratory ailments. The dry herbs and essential oil form are must-haves!

Another herb that is a kitchen staple, but may not be known as a wellness tool, is garlic! I LOVE garlic. Freshly crushed or dried, it shows up in every single meal cooked in our home. Not only are these bulbs packed with immense flavor, they also are loaded with antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral qualities! In one study conducted, fresh garlic eaten daily improved participants’ ability to ward off colds. In another study, garlic was shown more effective and safer than a drug at removing metals from participants dealing with occupational lead poisoning. Garlic has been found to have more than 100 distinct medicinal properties. And garlic is easy to grow on your own, should you decide you never want to run out of this powerful herb!

Next, check to see if you have any ginseng. This ancient root is well known for its source of immune-boosting benefits. It takes up to six years before this plant reaches maturity and can be harvested for our use. I’ve only recently begun to incorporate ginseng into my wellness practice. Ginseng has been found to help recovery from the cold and flu. Similarly to the results in the garlic study, participants who took 400 mg of ginseng each day reduced the total number of colds experienced in one year. Ginseng also is known to improve memory and brain function - this is an added bonus!

Oregano, garlic and ginseng all are wonderful plants to have close by, especially when dealing with respiratory ailments like the cold or flu. The great thing about these plants are that they come in various forms too. Oregano oil is potent and can be consumed in a capsule. Garlic can be taken in dry powder form or raw (just beware of the strong scent you might have after biting into that uncooked garlic bulb). And ginseng root is great as an herbal tea or a tincture. 

Are there any other immune-boosting gems lying around your kitchen that have yet to make it into your wellness cabinet? With spring in full bloom, now might be the perfect time to explore and enhance your personal wellness cabinet!