Do Those Double-Chin Masks Really Work?

By Susie

  • I tried a double-chin mask for a month to see if it actually works
  • There are some immediately visible improvements, but don't expect long-term results
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I have jawline envy. Quite often I find myself staring at my friends’ profiles thinking, man, look at that chiseled jaw…it might be able to cut glass. The frontal view of my face is like a normal portrait painting but the side view is like that Salvador Dali clock painting – it looks like my chin melted into my neck.

Although I’m still generally happy with my appearance and have come to accept that I’ll never be able to pop a bottle with the sharp angles of my jawline, that doesn’t stop me from trying new things for my chin and jaw line.

Being a skincare guinea pig by nature, I was excited to come across a face slimming mask for the chin claiming to tighten saggy skin, get rid of a double-chin and deliver hydration to reduce wrinkles. I mean if I could withstand multiple needles to the face that made my neck swell up like a bullfrog, then using a mask sounded like a piece of cake.

The mask is meant to be worn under the chin and up the jawline. It has ear holes to keep it in place, nice and taut. My first impression when I put it on was that I was wearing a jock strap on my face. My second thought was – I understand how it makes my chin look small… by making my ears look huge!

It was super uncomfortable at first and pulled down on my ears quite hard. It was a combined feeling of my chin being lifted but my ears being pulled down. No pain, no gain though so I strapped that puppy on and went about my nighttime chores. My family didn’t bat an eyelash. It’s nice having the unconditional love of people that won’t judge me for wearing a fancy jockstrap on my face, right?

Instructions say to wear for at least 20-30 minutes but since it wasn’t getting in the way of anything, I wore it for a few hours before bedtime, 2-3 times for about a month. So does it work? It does give an immediate slimming effect to the chin and the skin does feel a lot softer due to the aloe gel and hyaluronic acid in the mask. I was pleased with the immediately visible results!

However, gravity quickly does its thing and I can feel my cheeks eventually start to come down like a shar pei dog by the next day. That’s ok though, I never thought results would be permanent. If that was the case, I’d be wearing a full body jockstrap every night to get that summer ready bod. I think these are perfect to use before a special occasion or event to boost a little confidence once in a while.

I liked the masks enough to continue to use a couple times a week. I doubt extended use can permanently shape the jawline but hope is part of my skincare strategy, so we’ll see. While they are short term, they do give immediately visible results, they are non-invasive, easy to use and it’s a sustainable addition to my skincare routine. Honestly though, I'll take the SOFFLI Detox + Hydrate Facial Sheet masks over these any day as they will hydrate and brighten up your entire face, and not just the jaw line!

Make sure to check out our clean + effective SOFFLI skincare products made with 15 or less proven ingredients for healthier skin. 100% of profits go to charity!