Less Is More - In Skincare Products

By Minji

  • One of my pet peeves in skincare is extremely long and complicated ingredients lists
  • Experts will tell you when it comes to ingredients in skincare, less is often more
  • That's why with Soffli products, you'll see a short list of 15 or less - understand exactly what you're putting on your precious skin!

One of my pet peeves in skincare is painfully long and indecipherably complicated ingredients lists. Many of the leading brands, despite touting how clean and safe their products are, will still have the same kind of long and complex ingredients list with easily over 30, 40 and even 50 items.

When customers ask why they consider their products “clean,” instead of explaining each ingredient and why it’s non-toxic and good for your skin (which would be impracticable with 30+ ingredients in their products), they point you to another even longer list of “dirty” ingredients they don't use, frequently spanning over hundreds of items.

Unless you are a doctor or chemist by training or have a ton of time on your hands, you are left in a position where you must defer to trust and hope that what the brand has deemed safe, clean and good for you, in fact is.  I don’t know about you, but this approach has never sat well with me.

If any of the food items in my fridge or pantry had an ingredient list like this, I wouldn’t eat it.  I just checked the bag of Doritos in my cupboard (which is arguably the worst thing in there) and even it has an ingredients list in the 20s, not 30s or 40s. 

Obviously, topical application of skincare products is different from putting food in your mouth.  However, it’s still important to remember that skin is your largest organ and through skin, you can absorb quite a bit of ingredients that can at times even make their way into your bloodstream.

I was pleasantly surprised that most dermatologists, including Dr. Yoon, agreed with my sentiment.  When I asked him about potentially cutting out as many ingredients as I could from Soffli skincare products, he responded that would be his expert recommendation anyway, noting the more ingredients you put on your skin, the higher the chances of skin irritation or other issues. 

If you use multiple products all with their own laundry list of ingredients, then it can become almost impossible to know which ones are working for you and which ones are not.

On top of that, experts point out that despite all the marketing hype out there, in reality, there are very few skincare ingredients that actually have been tested and researched enough to show proven results. It’s a short list with retinolVitamin CAHAspeptideshyaluronic acid, niacinamide and sunscreen elements making the top of most charts.  

There are existing brands out there that focus on a shorter list of ingredients.  However, often they are “all natural” brands that concentrate on only using ingredients from nature, and shunning scientific research and proof. 

Although I love many natural ingredients, my personal stance is that I want my skincare to be as effective as possible and work – this means embracing synthetic ingredients with a proven track record or efficacy and safety, in addition to what mother nature has to offer us directly.

With Soffli, we wanted to fill this gap.  We envisioned our skincare soul mate as a clean and effective skincare brand that would only be packed with what our skin needs and nothing it doesn't. After much back and forth, detailed testing and consultation with experts, we came to realize that an ingredients list of 15 or less items would be the perfect balance. 

Imagine you've been eating candy your entire life and someone one day hands you a piece of fruit. Without the bright colors, exaggerated sweetness and artificial smells of the candy, the fruit tastes, smells, and looks bland at first blush. But soon you start to notice changes: the fruit starts to taste fresher, more delicious and has far more depth than the candy. You also feel healthier and more well than ever before.

Soffli's like that for your skin. We know to avoid eating food that has long lists of unknown ingredients. Why don’t we treat our skin the same way? Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and it’s time we all became more mindful of the chemicals and irritants we may be applying to it.                                                  

No more than 15 clean & effective ingredients. That’s the Soffli standard. We don't add anything just to make our products smell, look or feel a certain way or otherwise manipulate your sensory experiences.  Every ingredient is clean & effective and added to perform a specific function to directly benefit your skin health & glow. In addition, we're Dermatologist-approved, Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free & Peta certified animal test-free and vegan!

Our hope is that this less is more approach empowers you to fully understand what you’re putting on your skin while reaping all the benefits of quality skincare.  Instead of reading skincare ingredients lists to spot the bad guys, we’d like to inspire you to read them to appreciate the good stuff and claim true power in your overall health and skincare journey!