Skincare Tips From The Movie "Parasite"

By Minji

  • The movie “Parasite” winning the academy award for best picture was an epic moment for K-beauty fanatics everywhere
  • Can you believe Cho Yeo Jeong (the actress who plays the rich mom) with that glowing skin is 39 - we investigate her skincare secrets!
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I still can’t believe the movie “Parasite” won the academy award for best picture.  With an all Korean cast and all Korean script, it achieved history as the first foreign language film to win this coveted award. 

It makes me happy because it was an amazing movie that deserved to win.  But it makes me even more emotional because as a native Korean, it shows me how much the world has changed – in this instance, for the better.

I lived most of my childhood in Seoul, but had the opportunity to spend five years in Springfield, Virginia in the early 80s.  Back then, many people didn't know that Korea was a country separate from China.  People comfortably and openly made fun of my “pancake” nose, small eyes and moon face. 

I had kids ask me if my sisters and I were triplets, despite the fact that we were all in different grades.  From a Korean perspective, we actually look quite different, but many of my neighbors back then couldn’t tell us apart. 

Having these types of experiences during formative years of my life, I think I subconsciously developed a cultural inferiority complex.  Once I went back to Seoul, I also started looking down on many things Korean, including K-pop and Korean movies. 

I never in my wildest dreams imagined a world where BTS would be the boy band to die for and Parasite could win best picture.  It’s amazing to see how things can change with hard work, perseverance, education and an open mind.  

One question I'm left with is, whether foreign language speaking actors might one day also be able to get the appreciation they deserve.  A lot is lost in translation especially when it comes to subtle and nuanced acting skills. 

For example, Cho Yeo Jeong, the beautiful actress who plays the rich mom in the film, is someone I’ve watched on screen for many years.  I think she deserves more praise and recognition for her acting in the film (she won the Korean equivalent for best actress) …. and on a different note, can you believe she’s 39?  Her skin is gorgeous and of course, I had to investigate!

Lucky for us, she’s written a book called “healing beauty” where she divulged all of her skincare secrets!  I was especially delighted to find that she shares the SeoulofSkin philosophy and is a huge advocate of holistic skincare. 

Her book is divided into four parts titled peaceful healing, nature healing, smart healing and body healing.  In peaceful healing, she starts out with the importance of yoga to her beauty routine, in addition to the positive effects of nourishing hobbies such as pottery and flower arrangement. 

In nature healing, she focuses on nutrition.  No surprise she’s all about eating wholefoods and drinking tons of water.  In particular, she keeps a herb garden and is a lover of tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, legumes, mushrooms and eggs.  She cautions against the white devils - white sugar, salt, flour and rice. 

In smart healing, she takes you through her daily rituals including double-cleansing and her product routine which is not too different from the SeoulofSkin method.  She’s also a huge fan of facial masks for maximum hydration and face massage for circulation. 

Lastly in body healing, she emphasizes the importance of exercise for skincare.  Separate chapters are dedicated to the significance of good circulation and massage techniques and the value of keeping your feet warm and healthy for overall health. 

Learning her beauty secrets is more incentive for me to keep discovering the soulfulness of skincare through Seoul-based habits and rituals … what about her routine inspires you the most?     

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