K-Beauty Skincare Pro-tips: Small But Mighty

By Minji

  • There are K-beauty skincare tips out there that you probably haven’t heard of because they’re “small”…
  • However, incorporating these into your daily routine can be powerful
  • Super simple to implement too - read more for all the details!

There are a bunch of small skincare “pro-tips” (as I like to call them – let’s take it to the next level, ladies~) that I’ve accumulated over the years of my skincare obsession.  Some came from my mom, aunt, sisters or friends in Seoul and others I’ve developed on my own through trial and error.  You might never have heard or thought about any of these, mostly because they’re so simple and small.  After years of implementation, I’ve found them to be quite potent and useful so wanted to share with you. 

Pro tip 1: don’t neglect the outside edges of your face.  When applying skincare products, a lot of us focus on applying them to the inner face (checks, forehead, nose, eyes, etc.) but forget to apply to the outside edges of the face (near the hair line, the ears, under the chin, and all around the neck). Going back to the “one skin” principle – remember that your skin is all connected and if one area starts to age and sag, it will bring down the rest of your face too.  Best to put in some effort to properly moisturize every tiny bit of skin you see.  

Pro tip 2: never waste the liquids in your sheet masks.  Most sheet masks come immersed in more skincare liquids than you can actually get on your face.  This is necessary to prevent the sheets from ever drying up.  Don’t waste any of it – after you get the sheet mask on your face for your next maskitation session, make sure you utilize all the good ingredients in there by apply to your neck, chest, arms, elbows, hands…and anywhere else you can get it!  It’s a big no-no to throw the packet away only after applying the face mask.

Pro tip 3: apply eye cream to your mouth and brow area too.  I briefly alluded to this in the nighttime ritual, but I love to apply eye cream not only to around my eyes, but also around my mouth, frown lines and between my brows (where you might get lines if you were angry).  These are all areas that are either delicate or under constant use and attack with higher risk of wrinkles, so give them the extra boost, in addition to the regular daily steps.

Pro tip 4: never tie hair wet. Not only does tying wet hair cause tension and breakage in your hair, more importantly for skincare, it can cause issues with your scalp.  The biggest problem for your scalp when it comes to wet hair has a lot to do with fungus and microbes that can cause irritation, dryness, itchiness and dandruff. It’s just like how leaving wet clothes in the hamper for a long time would be gross and bad…let your scalp be free and breathe while it’s wet to maintain healthy scalp skin, which is so important for good face skin.

Pro tip 5: spend 1-2 minutes on a daily face massage.  Whether you use a gua sha tool or simple sake glass, a 1-2 minute DIY face massage will be a game changer for your skin.  In my opinion, it's the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to all things skincare ... let me show you how here!

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