"Seoul/Soul" of Skin

By Minji

“I want to inspire and motivate you to discover the soulfulness in skincare through Seoul-based habits and rituals.”

I’ve always loved how “Seoul” and “soul” sound the same.  The former is of course the capital of South Korea, the skincare capital of the world, my birthplace and home; and the latter standing for the spiritual, non-physical and even magical part of a being or thing.  While the two words have completely different meanings at the surface, I believe there is a rich connection that extends deeper than their phonetic overlap; to a symmetry in depth, richness, and beauty.   

When I originally came up with the SeoulofSkin name for the website, quite a few of my friends questioned the decision.  They tried to convince me to change it to something that would be less confusing and make “more sense.”  But despite the fact that I could see their side of the argument, I couldn’t bring myself to change it.  This three-word combination, albeit not grammatically sound and flawed technically, perfectly coveys the core of the message I want to send out to the world.  I want to inspire and motivate you to discover the soulfulness in skincare through Seoul-based habits and rituals.

It’s been extremely interesting for me to see the recent rise of K-beauty and people buying up Korean skincare products.  Everyone is asking me which K-beauty product is the best and most beauty sites out there really only exist to sell you more and more products. 

For me, having grown up in Seoul, skincare isn’t about compulsory consumption.  It’s not just material and it’s certainly not just skin-deep.  I believe there’s a soulfulness to how Seoulites view and engage in skincare.  It’s like a spiritual practice with habits and rituals that are viewed as sacred and practiced daily with religious fervor.  Skincare in Seoul is something that is passed down from mother to daughter and shared with sisters and friends as part of an overall lifestyle and culture.   

Healthy skin is also fundamental to the core life value of health, both physical and mental.  When you take good care of your skin, not only will you look more beautiful and radiant on the outside, but you will feel confident and inspired in the inside too.  While people can define “health” and “being healthy” in different ways, I don’t think anyone can truly feel “healthy” without feeling comfortable and healthy in their skin.  Taking care of your skin and improving your overall health impacts you to the core and is essential to your being.  In this sense, skincare is once again connected to your soul.  If eyes are the windows to your soul, I guess skin could be the walls that surround it?

A good skincare practice based on solid habits and rituals can help cultivate health, confidence and joy.  In this way, it can change your life and touch your soul.  Start your SeoulofSkin journey, find your glow and feel the soulfulness of skincare.  Make sure you join our newsletter so you never miss a skincare tip and other exclusive content - be in the know and spark a glow!