My 1-Minute Eye Skin Massage

By Minji

  • When it comes to skincare, no area is more critical or trickier than eye skin
  • Learn how to do my 1-minute eye skin massage (video tutorial included)!
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When it comes to skincare, no area is more critical or trickier to take care of than the eye skin.  The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than any other part of your face (or your entire body for that matter).  This area also tends to have less sebaceous glands which help lubricate skin, so once wrinkles start to appear, then tend to go deeper and become easily prominent.

Also, as they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and as such, they are working hard every day to convey your inner state to the outside world.  Eyes are involved in expressing almost every human emotion, whether it be joy, sorrow or anger, your eyes are inevitably getting scrunched, squeezed, widened or narrowed in the process.  Hopefully you’re never rubbing or otherwise touching them!   

The first thing you should remember when it comes to eye skin care is hydrate and moisturize. It’s so important that you never dry out this area. I highly recommend a solid vitamin C serum like the Soffli 16% Vitamin C Serum and a separate eye cream too.  First pat the serum on your face including the under eye area (my 1-min massage fits in perfectly here, after the serum application) and finish with eye cream over it. 

The other habit I’ve found to be indispensable is a good eye massage to boost circulation.  You can read further in my face massage article, but I truly believe circulation is at the heart of many skin issues.  If your bodily fluids aren’t circulating vigorously, it’s impossible to imagine radiant and healthy skin. 

I had a Korean dermatologist tell me that he believed the reason humans generally age in the face more than animals is all because of circulation – since we walk upright (whereas most animals have faces level with their hearts) our faces have worse circulation which leads to additional wrinkling and sagging.  

Not sure that I would go that far, but massaging the skin around your eyes can help improve the circulation around the eyes and enhance the quality of your skin.  In addition, the pressure from the massage can help drain excess fluid, reduce puffiness and bring better color to the skin too.  I have a simple technique you can utilize whenever you have a moment – even with makeup on – and it only takes one minute. 

This is how you do it (video tutorial above): Take both of your middle fingers and press firmly (holding for three seconds each) into each of the following areas: first, the end of your inner eye brows, second, the end of your outer eye brows, third, the under eye bone, right under the outer corners of your eyes, then lastly, right under your tear ducts next to your nose.  Repeat three cycles each. 

Then using your index and middle fingers, start gently tapping your eye lids and under eye are as if you were very lightly playing a piano, going in circles.  Complete three circles each and you're all done.  This should have taken less than a minute, and I bet it didn’t mess up your make up either!

When you do my 2-minute gua sha face massage, you are scraping the upper and under eye bone areas so this should help too.  However, as previously mentioned, the eye area can always use some extra TLC so try to do this 1-minute eye skin massage once a day on top.  Make sure your fingers are clean and you’re never dragging or tugging at the skin.

In addition, for puffy eyes or dark circles, alternating between hot and cold water splashes can give an extra boost of circulation (just make sure you always finish with an ice-cold finish).  I’ve tried a few of the eye skin massagers and other tools out there on the market today, but have always found that nothing beats simple fingers when it comes to eye care. 

Goes without saying, maintain other healthy habits like watching your sugar intakedrinking plenty of water, skipping that extra glass of wine, and using sunscreen daily – they will all make a huge difference in how your eye skin shows up the following morning.  

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