I Swear By The Ice-Cold Finish

y Minji

  • An ice-cold shower is something I swear by when it comes to glowing skin
  • Don’t worry, not the entire shower, just about 10 seconds towards the end
  • It tightens pores and boost circulation for amazing skin and hair 

Have you ever taken an ice-cold shower?  Probably, but I would guess not by choice.  Maybe the water heater was broken at the gym or some other unfortunate situation?  Well, consider it a blessing, at least for your skin.  In fact, an ice-cold shower is something I swear by when it comes to glowing skin and it’s the only kind of shower I’ve taken for over 20 years.  Don’t worry, not the entire shower, just about 10 seconds towards the end.

I think I was about 20 years old when I got this tip from my Korean aunt.  She’s a skincare expert who used to operate her own spa, and today at 70, is still blessed with the most amazing skin.  Her point was this: your face doesn’t just suddenly start from your hairline.  Rather, the skin on your head and the skin on your face are all connected – one glorious, unified skin.  So, it’s important to tighten up and take good care of the skin on your scalp, so that the visible skin on your face looks good. 

Kind of makes sense, right?  Well, it did to me and ever since then, I’ve been putting it into practice.  I’m 100% confident that it’s had amazing positive effects not only for the skin on my face, but also on my scalp and hair.  

Here’s how to do it: start out with the water temperature at warm but not hot.  I know some of us are tempted to turn the dial all the way to super scorching hot, but that’s not good for you.  Hopefully you already know that hot showers are actually bad for your skin.  They can dry it out, cause itchiness and other bad, bad consequences. 

Remember, warm but not hot for most of the shower, then once you’re almost ready to step out, brace yourself, and turn the shower to the coldest setting.  Yes, seriously.  And then start singing “Happy Birthday to me” two times (this is around 10 seconds).  When you’re done singing (there may be a fine line between singing and screaming), get out of there!  When the ice-cold water is on, make sure it gets everywhere: starting at the top of your scalp, hair, face, and chest at the minimum.  If you’re strong enough to ice your entire body, even better.   

For your hair, cold water can help lock in moisture to prevent breakage and make hair appear shinier, stronger, and healthier.  For your skin, cold water will constrict blood vessels to temporarily tighten pores, boost circulation and decrease redness and puffiness.  An easy 10 second habit to add a healthy glow to your every day.

Try it please – it sounds painful, I know, but it’s not that bad.  Anyone can handle a brisk rush for 10 seconds.  There are claims that an ice-cold finish can even boost your mood, metabolism and help with weight loss.  One thing I’m sure of, based on true experience for over 20 years, is that it will do wonders for your skin and hair.  On top of that, it will make you stronger.  What doesn’t kill you generally does, and this definitely will not kill you.  Make sure you join our newsletter so you never miss a skincare tip and other exclusive content - be in the know and spark a glow!