Dr. Yoon's 2020 Skincare Resolutions

Dr. Choon-Shik Yoon treating the skincare issues of a patient as part of K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habits and rituals
  • We're sharing Dr. Yoon's exclusive 2020 skincare resolutions with you~
  • If you ever had any questions about K-beauty and skincare, there's no better expert than Dr. Yoon
  • His top 10 list focuses on daily habits and things easily done from home, please join us! 

Happy New Year, everyone!  So excited and happy to kick off 2020’s skincare journey with all of you.  To start with a bang, we’re sharing Dr. Yoon’s top 10 2020 skincare resolutions with you today.  As you can read further in his bio, Dr. Yoon has been an advisor to SeoulofSkin from the beginning.  He runs his own dermatology practice in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul (yes, from the famous “Gangnam Style” song and also where I grew up!) and is highly coveted and distinguished.  If you ever had any questions about K-beauty and skincare secrets and tips, there would be no better expert to go to.

Just for you, we asked Dr. Yoon to put together the below exclusive top 10 skincare resolutions as we head into the year 2020.  We asked him to focus on daily habits and things easily done from home.  Let’s make these resolutions together and recommit to discovering the soulfulness of skincare through Seoul-based habits and rituals!   

 Dr. Yoon’s Top 10 2020 Skincare Resolutions

1.  Make sure you get at least seven hours or more of sleep every night. Yup, sleep is that important for skincare – Dr. Yoon put it at the top of the list!

    2.  Master the art of face washing and cleanse properly every night. Unfortunately, this does include holidays and your birthday too – you get zero days off!  

      3.  Use sunscreen religiously and don’t forget to reapply. The sun is enemy #1 to skincare…in the U.S., and in Seoul too…and almost everywhere for that matter.

        4.  Focus on moisturizing your face, neck and chest well – moisturizer is the most important product when it comes to skincare. Your face should never have a dry moment.

          5.  Avoid color cosmetics if you have acne, itching, or any other skin problems or issues on your face. Skip the makeup once in a while…it will help with your skin and give you an opportunity to show off your natural beauty.

            6.  Make sure you use a humidifier during dry weather. Especially during the dry and cold winter months, humidifiers are absolutely necessary…even if super annoying to clean.   

            7.  Take it easy with the alcoholic drinks – they will worsen inflammation and also dry out your skin. Unfortunately, even wine.  At least he didn’t say quit cold turkey!

            8.  Always say no to cigarettes – seriously, a nasty habit and the worst think you could be doing for your overall skin and health too! In particular, it can exacerbate mouth wrinkles. Hoping this isn’t an issue for anyone anymore as we enter a healthful 2020.

            9.  Find ways to reduce stress – it will definitely show up on your skin too. We recommend, yoga, meditation, making space and decluttering, a silent meditation retreat…the list goes on!

            10.  Keep your makeup routine simple with fewer products. In particular, skip the foundation and let you skin breathe!  If you apply a lot of different makeup products, the higher risk of your pores becoming clogged and skin becoming irritated or having an allergic reaction. 

              We got this ladies…happy 2020 to you and your skin!  Make sure you join our newsletter so you never miss a skincare tip and other exclusive content - be in the know and spark a glow!