Pet Peeves In Skincare

When people ask me why SeoulofSkin decided to start our own skincare brand Soffli, my first response is because we couldn’t find a brand out there ...

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Anti-Pollution Skincare Tips

We’re all wearing masks now regardless of where we might live, but regular mask wearing was already a thing in Seoul, many years prior to the COVID...

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Dr. Choon-Shik Yoon, Korean certified dermatologist and K-beauty skincare expert, in scrubs against a wall being interviewed by SeoulofSkin, a K-beauty inspired holistic skincare brand

Dr. Yoon's Skincare Habits

As you might already know, we’ve been getting some great expert opinions and advice on all issues related to skincare from our amazing Dr. Yoon.  D...

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close up of asian woman's sparse looking eyebrows and eyelashes showing that eyebrows and lashes can thin with age as part of K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habits and rituals

My Eyebrows Are Falling Out

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I can usually look to my mom to see indicators of what might be coming for me.  There are positive sig...

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