woman's back with feet raised drinking coconut water on a life sabbatical and rest as part of K-beauty-inspired-holistic-selfcare-habits-and rituals

The Life Sabbatical

I read books on it, couldn’t stop talking about it…and finally, after yet another extremely frustrating day at work and seeing my sister thoroughly...

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four dried leaves of different shapes and colors displayed to symbolizing the importance of being authentic as part of K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habit and rituals

Authentic Is The New Cool

"In order to be authentic, the first step is to know who you are.  In the world today, this could involve “unbecoming the things you’re not,” rathe...

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"passion led us here" sign symbolizing the importance of setting core values for a purposeful life as part of K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habits and rituals

What Do You Stand For?

Just as companies have core value statements, clearly identifying individual life values can help you live a truly authentic life.  A life that is ...

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a golden and black key with a heart on it displayed on surface symbolizing the 4 keys to happiness as part of K-beauty inspired holistic skincare habits and rituals

The Four Keys To Happiness

In order to preserve an elevated state of mind, be happy for those who are happy, cultivate compassion for those who are sad, feel joy for those de...

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red and pink fallen leaves blowing in the wind symbolizing the importance of letting go at the right time as part of K-beauty influenced holistic skincare habits and rituals

The Rhythm of Letting Go

"How will I face the approaching fear of letting go too early? What if I leave before my time in this moment is complete? I can’t ever fully know, ...

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