Less Is More – Ditch New Year’s Resolutions For One Intention

By Minji

"I’ve spent my time contemplating a single new year’s intention this year. Instead of focusing on doing various micro-tasks related to specific resolutions, I’m shifting the focus to a way of being at all times."

Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you all health, safety, ease, happiness and amazing skin as we slowly settle into the glorious new year. Last year was rough for everyone, regardless of where you are in the word and personal situation, so I really hope everyone is off to a positive fresh start.

One thing I’m doing differently this year in conjunction with the general “less is more” mantra is ditching new year’s resolutions entirely.  No more lists with goals of drinking water, maskitating regularly, exercising more, losing weight, taking some kind of class…I’m not even going to take the time to think about the specifics I want to achieve this year.

Instead, I’ve spent my time contemplating a single new year’s intention. This doesn’t mean that I’ll have a lazy year and achieve nothing. Instead, it means I’ll simplify to go deeper.  Instead of focusing on doing various micro-tasks related to specific resolutions, I’m shifting the focus to a way of being at all times.

For those yogis out there, you know how often we set an intention for our practice at the beginning of class?  Whether that be gratitude, health, slowing down, equanimity, accountability, community or patience, we set that intention at the start and try to bring that energy into every pose we cover during the class.

My plan is to do that not for just a one-hour yoga class, but for the full year of 2021!  Clearly, this requires much more careful thought as I'm setting the one intention I will be working on all year. It begins with asking yourself what you want to cultivate and manifest most in your life.

For example, if your eating habits and exercise routines have been on your mind, instead of setting multiple resolutions to work out more, reduce your sugar intake or lose weight, maybe you just set the broader intention of health. 

You can remind yourself every morning of this intention, as if you were setting an intention at the beginning of your yoga practice, maybe even engage in a short meditation on it? Also, as you go through the day, you can remind yourself of it.  Perhaps even adopt it as a silent mantra to use when you need to focus or be more mindful.

Another tip might be to have something on your body at all times that reminds you of this intention.  For example, when I finished my first silent meditation retreat, in order to remind myself of the importance of taking a breath and pause once in a while, I started wearing an infinity symbol ring on the index finger of my right hand. I still wear this ring daily and throughout the day rub it with my thumb to remind myself of this sacred intention.

After much contemplation, I’ve personally landed on “patience” as my 2021 intention.  It’s been a quality I’ve been trying to work on for many years now and a clear weakness in my personality.  With the launch of our new skincare line Soffli, I know I’ll have to be patient even more and give it the diligent and constant support that it needs, without trying to rush or getting frustrated with minor setbacks.    

What is an intention you would like to work on and manifest for yourself this year? Maybe try this intention-based "less is more" approach with me and see how things shift and change for the better…?